Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
Hello! This is Pancake Man Dumbledore. You know what day it is today!
Yes Saturday 17 October 2020.Harry Potter area at Universal Studios Japan.にハリー・ポッター野郎が集まる日ですよね♪

USJ Cosplay Saturday 17 Oct (Sat) Harry Potter Day.

Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
In 2020, even during Halloween, there are few guests in costume, and in previous years, on weekends, fellow Harry Potter lovers from all over the country would gather at Hogwarts in Univa (USJ) in their costumes (cosplay) of their choice, but this year the number is low as each person seems to have refrained from doing so themselves. Not only are there fewer costumes in the Harry Potter area, but the park as a whole is in an unusual situation with very few costumed guests (laughs).
In September, USJ announced that Saturdays in October would be "Cosplay Saturdays", with a cosplay theme for each Saturday. So today, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts lovers - in other words, Wizarding World lovers - gathered at the USJ Harry Potter Area from all over the country for the first time in many years.
Photo Prof Gilderoy Lockhart (left).person who does not stand out)殿 決闘倶楽部の衣装とチャーミングなスマイルがお似合いでした♪

Harry Potter friends in fun fancy dress & costumes.

Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
魔法界ドットコム is also a regular contributor to 'Theessay on worldly or sensual matters' Ms.Bertie Bott's Hundred Flavour Beans.Participated in a 'box' fancy dress... and all in a costume that I made myself (laughs).
Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
'Harry Potter's look-alike is the talk of every event'.(vocative) young lady' went to school at Hogwarts with a stable Harry.
Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
Professor Newt Scamander (Yudai(The) Lords and Gryffindor students.Wasshy.Tono seems to have discovered a magical creature hiding in a drainpipe near Hogwarts.
Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/17 USJ
With a cute Slytherin student.eighth month of the lunar calendarwith the EmperorJapanese transverse bamboo flute (high-pitched; usu. with seven holes)Lord. Like the two of you, there were many students wearing dressing gowns, the uniform of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even at the Three Broomsticks, there were dressing gowns and witch fashion here and there, and for the first time in a long time, you could enjoy a wizarding world bustling with wizards.Â

The Harriotta cosplay Saturdays are.

Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJCosplay Saturday at UNIVA itself is neither a show nor a contest, but simply a fun event for both the viewer and the participants if a lot of people in costume (cosplay) with the same theme gather.

If you dress up (cosplay) at USJ, enter the Mask Cosplay Championship♪

Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
USJ official event 'TheMask cosplay championshipApply also to!
  1. '# Mask arrangement category' Arrangements based on common commercial masks.
  2. '#USJ mask section' Coordinated use of masks available at the parks.
  3. '# Full-body cosplay category' Full-body coordination of the park's friends and favourite themes.
Most of the members who like to dress up as Harriotta came to play with the theme of (3) number 3, so they posted on Instagram or Twitter with the following tags and photos:Â
# Mask Cosplay Championship #USJ # Full-body cosplay category
Own.Photographs in fancy dress.One piece is up for grabs.
Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
That's why many of my fellow Harriotta fans posted on social media in the # full-body cosplay category...

Cosplay Saturday 31 October, Saturday 31 October, theme anything goes day â

The theme for Cosplay Saturday on Saturday 31 October 2020 is ALL genres OK! There will be more fancy dress (cosplay) on this day and in the Harry Potter Area than usual!

These are preliminary reports. We will add more information as needed (≥▽≦).

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Let's play around in the Harry Potter Area... USJ Harry Potter Area Summary

Annual changing rooms outside USJ Detailed report Coin lockers/make-up/dressing area Universal City Walk 4F Universal City Walk 4F for Univa fancy dress & cosplay & changing â

Changing rooms in Universal Studios Japan, Stage 18 (USJ), where you can change into cosplay (fancy dress).

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Cosplay Saturday Harry Potter 2020/10/18 USJ
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