Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

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first (of all)Sorry (-person-...).Gryffindor Tower was in the wrong place ...

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Where the real Gryffindor dormitories are located  here!

Gryffindor Tower is this tower at Hogwarts â

Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

The tower at the back.Tower with common rooms and bedrooms in Gryffindor dormitories.Is. On the film set, the bedrooms are in the tower.Hogwarts Great HallUntil now, the large tower next to the "Gryffindor TowerThe 'big tower' has been called the 'big tower', but this is an error. This big tower is called 'Moving stair tower(MARBLE STAIRCASE TOWER)'The name of the company is. orHeadmaster Dumbledore's Tower.But it might be good (laughs).

What? I thought you couldn't see Gryffindor Tower a bit? (^^;) Let's change the angle.

Gryffindor Boys Dorm and Common Room (Gryffindor Boys Dorm and Common Room)

Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

  Take a look at Hogwarts from the back.(Gryffindor Common Room, Gryffindor Common Room)andGryffindor Boys Dorm (Gryffindor Boys Dorm)The location of the two rooms is shown in the picture above. To be honest, I didn't realise it until I looked at Stuart Craig's layout diagram, but I'm pretty sure this is the tower where the bedrooms are located. Hmm? You're not a bit convinced? I'm not convinced either (laughs), because, hey, in the film, there's a moving staircase wall that says 'Portrait of the Fat Lady.There was a 'I'm sorry, wasn't there a 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry'? (Laughter)

Gryffindor Tower, close to Hogwarts Bridge and Madam Pomfrey's infirmary.

Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

In the area behind Hogwarts Great Hall.Hogwarts Bridge, Hogwarts Bridge.andMadam Pomfrey's infirmary.(behind the large clock tower). The tower on the left when viewed from here.Gryffindor TowerThe following is an example.

The location is easy to understand when looking over Hogwarts!

Gryffindor Tower is this tower at Hogwarts â

The Hogwarts giant model cannot be seen from above, so let's take a look at the white model! This makes it easy to see the location of the places! But it's still a bit unconvincing! (**) Where is the girls' bedroom? Is it very far from the moving staircase? I feel like it is, but I'm convinced (and let myself be convinced) by the logic that it's a magic school (laughs). www.

Hogwarts from above (Noble Collection).

Hogwarts model from the Noble Collection.But Gryffindor Tower is in the same position. The Noble Collection Hogwarts model and the Harry Potter Studio Tour White Model and Hogwarts Giant Model are set in different periods, so the Hogwarts layout is different everywhere.

At USJ Hogwarts Castle?

HARRIPOTA Area Celebrates 5th Anniversary The Great Magic Festival ♪ New Night Show "Hogwarts Magical Celebration" New Castle Show 20 Mar - 4 Nov 2019.

USJ Hogwarts Castle.from this position, the large tower 'Moving stair towerYou should be able to see it at the far right of the ...Unfortunately, Gryffindor Tower isNot reproduced (no.)I don't have a choice (laughs).

thereforeClear location of Gryffindor dormitories.It has become aThis was the report. If, by any chance, the above settings have been changed during the course of the film series, we will inform you of the corrections made (´▽`).
Additional description! The location of Gryffindor Tower (common room and bedrooms) up to the above is set in the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

In the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the location of the Gryffindor common room was actually changed!

Judging by the footage from the films, the location, or rather the location of the Gryffindor common room has changed since the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, as the official material is unknown!

From Prisoner of Azkaban.Hogwarts Great HallThe large tower next to the 'TheMoving stair tower(MARBLE STAIRCASE TOWER)'The Gryffindor common room has been changed to theatre screen or on the DVD or streaming service screens. You will see that the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room, The Fat Lady, has appeared (and been installed) in the middle of the moving staircase. (The Fat Lady has also been re-personalised.)

But then, the architectural structure of the Gryffindor common room, boys' bedrooms and girls' bedrooms would not be consistent... but that's Hogwarts is a wizarding school... it's magic! I'm sure! (Laughter)

No, only the entrance location may have been changed to the 'moving stair tower' and the common room may be in its original location. Maybe they are connected by a magical loophole! This is more plausible (≥▽≦).

Detailed report: giant miniature model of Hogwarts Castle, 1/24th size Realistic filming model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UK).

GRYFFINDOR COMMON ROOM, Gryffindor Dormitory, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.

GRYFFINDOR BOYS' DORMITORY Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Harry Potter Studio Tour London General report.

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Gryffindor Tower, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London.
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