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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is also launching Cool Japan from 4 March 2022, with a variety of limited-edition food and eating sweets. In the midst of all this, ourUSJ Wizarding World Harry Potter AreaThe restaurant at the same time has revised its menu and changed its dishes.Â

What's this dish! Three Broomsticks, March 2022.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

So, out of the blue, we say, 'three broomsThis is a dish from the wizarding world that has appeared since 'The Wizarding World'. It is a dish with two different kinds of greens. On the side are French fries and fried food!

What a surprise, but it's the food of the renewal of the ever-popular menu (≥▽≦).

What a plate of magic green food added to the dish!'Fish and chips'.(≥▽≦) no.

Now let's get on with the food report...

Fish and Chips - up prices, up accompaniments, up prices, Three Broomsticks.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Price: ¥2,000.
Shop:three brooms(in...)USJ, "Harry Potter Area.")
Taste: ★★★3.8

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Sad news: fish and chips have increased in price by 250 yen to 2000 yen.

Happy to announce: the traditional fish and fries have been supplemented with an additional garnish.

 Vinegar is available on request.

It may be a bad idea, but I'm not a fan of it, so no vinegar. w

The green dish has improved its British character with the addition of 'green peas' and 'mushy peas'.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Mushy peas are a standard accompaniment to fish and chip shops in the UK. They are either served as an accompaniment to the dish or are available as an optional extra.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Mushy peas is the name of a dish made from green peas and other green beans that have been ground into a paste. It is a popular dish among Londoners. I, Pancake Man, had it in London and it was delicious.

The beans used to make the Three Broomsticks Massey Peas are... I don't know what they are (laughs), it's my level of taste (laughs).

Eating: fish and chips with green peas & mushy peas

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Tartar sauce on white fish with cod~ and ketchup on potatoes! Va.

In conclusion, it's delicious! It's delicious, but maybe it's my imagination, but the white fish in Fish might have changed a bit! I felt that. The taste & texture of the fry itself was crispy, savoury and delicious.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

The white fish inside was a bit dry and the flesh seemed to fall apart as if it were cracking. It may have just happened to be my plate today (>_<), but until now the white meat had been plump, so I felt uncomfortable. (Postscript) As a result of eating it twice after this, I was convinced that the meat quality of the white meat fish had changed compared to before the renewal (T_T).

Mushy peas Fish and Chips, The Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

The new 'TheMASSI-PThe 'Paste' was a simple flavoured massy peas. It is really just a type of paste (laughs). Instead of eating it on its own, it tastes better when you eat it with fish (**).

'Poppie's Fish & Chips, Soho' Poppie's Fish & Chips, London, UK.Fish and chips mushy peas from the UK.This is what it looks like: we only ate at one restaurant, but I'm sure there must be many different massy peas in different restaurants. w

GreenpeaceThethree broomsHe's the same usual guy as the rest of the menu in WWW.

Personally, I would have been happy with a more seasoned Massey Peas without the green peas. Overall, I enjoy the increasingly British feel and taste of 'TheFish and chipsThe decision was changed to '****'.

March 2022 Three Broomsticks Menu Renewal

The following changes have been made in the revised menu of The Three Broomsticks.

Witch pot lemon cake End of sale on 2 March 2022 (may be revived in the future).

Sweets line-up reduced with no new items on the menu (T_T).

Running out of roast beef salad (that salad was superb and a good combination with roast beef) (+_+)

Shepherd's pie & garden saladis lost,Smoked chicken & shepherd's pie & corn with skinto be. This was also an excellent combination with the salad...(>_<)

Overall, the low unit price menu has disappeared and all that is left is the food menu, which is high in unit price and volume. The only food item under 2000 yen is the smoked chicken salad (>_<).

I, Pancake Man, love sweets on the menu.molasses tart,,butterbeer pudding,,4 types of ice-cream(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionOnly three typesThe first time I saw it, I was like. Yeah, yeah!!! Universal Studios overseas sells a wide variety of sweets and snacks, but Jesus Christ, USJ! What on earth are you doing about it!

'Below: not disclosed due to voluntary restraint'.I wrote a lot more, but I've refrained from publishing it for the time being.

Fish and Chips, Three Broomsticks, USJ, Harry Potter Area.

In the meantime, as long as I can enjoy a good meal with a view of Hogwarts Castle, I'm happy (#^. ^#)

I was distraught and smitten with the World Wide Web.


Three Broomsticks Meal Menu Smoked Chicken & Spare Ribs, Shepherd's Pie and more USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Three Broomsticks Sweets Menu|Witchpot lemon cake, butterbeer pudding, molasses tart, etc.

Three Broomsticks Drinks Menu

Butterbeer comes in three flavours Three sizes (disposable cups, plastic mugs,Premium Cup)

Christmas Dessert Feast (Three Broomsticks) USJ Harry Potter AreaHot Butter Beer hot butter bear Three Broomsticks usj Harry Potter areaPremium cups are born for Butterbeer... mugs, Three Broomsticks, Butterbeer carts, USJ Harry Potter area.

  1. Butterbeer Sales period: all year round.
  2. Frozen butter beer Sales period: spring - autumn.
  3. Hot Butter Beer Sales period: winter only
  4. Wizarding World's famous pumpkin juice. (in...)disposable cup,,Cute bottle.)
  5. Coffee, tea, lemonade, beer, soup,gilly waterSparkling water.

Restaurant information: Sanbon no Houki (Three Broomsticks) Wizarding World Restaurant (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

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Fish and Chips Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area
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