[HARRIPOTTER NR No. 7] Death Eaters will appear in Hogsmeade Village during the 2016 Halloween season! (USJ, "Harry Potter Area")

Hello! I'm Pancake Man Dumbledore.

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All members of the Hogwarts faculty and Order of the Phoenix are to assemble!
Dr Trayloney's prediction that the Death Eaters would appear in the village of Hozmeade was received. w

(Actually from the official USJ website.)
Night in Hogsmeade
The Death Eaters are an army of dark wizards under Lord Voldemort. We call them the Dark Squad.
It's time to confront the evil dark magic... (laughter).

<Death Eater Attack

Period of appearance: 14 Sept (Wed) - 6 Nov (Sun), 2016.
Appearance time: 18:10 - every 30 minutes until park closes.
Place of appearance:Hogsmeade Village (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

Death Eaters are reported to appear in Hogsmeade one after the other at night!

So we're looking for lovers of the dark arts and friends against the dark arts to go with us to Hogsmeade.
For more information.HARRIPOTA fancy dress friends wanted pageSee also...

A number of Muggles seem to mistake them for 'Dementors'.

Dementors are abominable magical creatures who guard Azkaban, the prison of the wizarding world.
It will appear in the attraction 'Harriotta Journey'.
Terrible creatures that suck the souls out of wizards, witches and Muggles.
Harry's spell 'Expecto Patronum' is also effective against Dementors.

Death Eaters, also known as Death Eaters, are an evil army made up of dark wizards and witches.

Key members include Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.
Severus Snape is a member, spying for Dumbledore.

Spells that are effective before they attack you are.
'Steepify' (an attack spell that paralyses the opponent).
'Protego' (shield spell to protect oneself).
'Expelliarmus' (a spell to blow up an opponent's weapon (wand)).
And so on and so on... ♪ It might be useful to remember... ♪

The appearance time of the Death Eaters isUSJ show schedule   You can check it a week in advance at

For further information, please visit → *Pancake Man's Experience Report♪

Death Eaters appear at night, while events for schoolchildren appear during the day.

Magical trick or treat>

*Hours of operation: 10:00-16:00.


I heard that if you cast a magic spell, you can have a magical experience where candies overflow.â
I'd love to be there, as I'm a big fan of candy and other sweet treats and sweets.
But it's a pity that participation is limited to schoolchildren and younger (laughs).
I can magically transform myself and sneak in on the WWW.
no matter how hard one may try (one is unable to) (with negative verb)magical wandYou may need to
Details of the conditions of participation are not known and will be communicated as soon as they are known.

The next news is that you don't have to have a wand to experience magical trick-or-treating.

*Location: 3 locations.
1. before the Three Broomsticks
2. in front of the Hog's Head pub.
3. in front of the Owlery.

*Spell: RELASHIO Meaning!
If you swing your wand or hand into a wooden barrel or iron cauldron at the event site in the specified way while chanting the Leracio spell, you will receive a !!!!

Also a surprise for the Wizard & Witch of Hogsmeade Village (crew) to get sweets...
The crew who give you sweets have a special brown pochette to look for them. However, this is only for primary schools children and younger.
This too is a pity.

More good news follows... ♪


Of course, you can eat at the Three Broomsticks.
Eat, eat, eat Halloween Dessert Feast, which is faithful to the sweets that appear in the Hogwarts Great Hall in the film Harriotta... (USJ Wizarding World: The Three Broomsticks) Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.

'Halloween Dessert Feast'.

It is a sweet version of the platter, with a lavish array of sweets, including Yamagata chocolate mousse, carrot cake, pie and shortbread-like cookies.
            The contents were announced.
apple pie
carrot cake
chocolate mousse
chocolate biscuit

I ate it right away (laughs).

Furthermore, the Great Feast will also be changed to a Halloween version, including pumpkin gratin. 'Halloween FeastA follow-up report to the "The..."!

garden salad
rotisserie chicken
Assorted pork ribs
Pumpkin gratin
corn with its skin on (e.g. Swiss, Emmenthal)
with hot vegetables
The pumpkin gratin at the Three Broomsticks Halloween Feast, a limited edition Halloween dish, is excellent.

I've eaten it! Here's a report on the Halloween Feast.

And 'the.Magic Neep CartA new snack is also on the menu!

1. pumpkin pasties.
2. pumpkin bread

Eat both of these.water (esp. cool, fresh water, e.g. drinking water)distance between outstretched thumb and middle finger (approx. 18 cm)superpowerThe ...
Both sweets are inspired by Jack O' Lantern's.

I've eaten it.

As a pancake man who loves sweets, I'm very much looking forward to it.
That's all for today's announcement.

Death Eater Attack and the 2016 Halloween in the Harry Potter Area Table of Contents

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