Butterbeer introductions from around the world! 3 types of Butterbeer in bottles 10 types of mugs! Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Buttebeer List

Butterbeer Butterbeer available worldwide Harry Potter Wizarding World's favourite drink.

Witches, wizards and muggles.
Butterbeer is a USJ Harry Potter area.Did you know that there are other entities besides? (**▽``*)

Universal Studios Hollywood (USA) Hogsmeade Village 5 Million Cups Commemorative photo.

Photo: Universal Orlando Resort 5 Million Cups Celebration event where 1,000 people were served free Butterbeer.

Harry Potter Wizarding World's famous drink. butterbeerThis section introduces Butterbeer in theme parks and establishments around the world that sell it. Butterbeer sold in the muggle world is divided into two strains.

Two strains of butterbeer.

  1. Universal Studios-based Butterbeer.
  2. Warner Bros. type Butterbeer.

Firstly, the taste of Butterbeer differs between Universal and Warner systems. The shape and design of the mug (tankard) differs. Different versions of the label design are also available. (Actually, it is possible that the ingredients and production methods are the same and differences in the formulation, storage temperature and pouring method make it seem that way. This is not publicly known.)

Theme parks, studios and shops selling Butterbeer.

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood (USA) Hogsmeade Village
  2. Universal Orlando Resort (USA) Hogsmeade Village, Diagon Alley
  3. Universal Beijing Resort, Hogsmeade Village, China.
  4. Universal Studios Japan (Japan) Hogsmeade Village
  5. Harry Potter Store New York, USA
  6. Harry Potter exhibition (2022 in the USA).
  7. Harry Potter Studio Tour London, UK
  8. Harry Potter Photography Exhibition London, UK
  9. Harry Potter Shop UK (UK) online shop .
  10. Harry Potter Shop, United Kingdom.
    1. King's Cross Station, Platform 9, Platform 9 3/4 Shop .
    2. Heathrow Terminal 5 Harry Potter shop .
    3. Gatwick Airport Harry Potter shop .
  11. Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, Japan Butterbeer Bar
    1. Studio Tour Tokyo main shop (Japan) .

Bottled Butterbeer

Bottled Butterbeer, which appears frequently in the original Harry Potter novels, is sold in Harry Potter establishments worldwide; as of 2022, it is not available in Japan.

Bottled Butterbeer is available for purchase in the USA and UK. It is on sale at Warner Bros-operated studio tours, Harry Potter shops and exhibition venues. The bottles are available in two sizes. The bottle labels are also available exclusively in the New York shop.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo to open in 2023 in Japan.But Butterbeer was sold andIt is highly likely that theAvailable in. (Not available in bottles).

butterbeer-london Bottled butterbeer.

Butterbeer The label on the bottle (jar) reads. Leaky Cauldron, 1550, from an original recipe from that time.' and the words are printed on the label. This means that the butterbeer on this butterbeer label is 'Leaky Cauldron (LEAKY CAULDRON)â

Note: Note that the size (capacity) differs between single bottles and four-packs! The size (height) of the bottles differs.

Shop Bottled Butterbeer

  1. Harry Potter Store New York (USA) Butterbeer Bar .
  2. Harry Potter exhibition (2022 in the USA).
  3. Harry Potter Photography Exhibition, Butterbeer Bar, Covent Garden, London, UK.
  4. Harry Potter Studio Tour London Studio Shop
  5. Harry Potter Shop UK (UK) Online shop
  6. Harry Potter Shop (UK) Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 Shop
  7. Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Main Shop (Japan) .

Harry Potter Store New York Store exclusive Butterbeer bottle MACUSA label.

Harry Potter NY Butterbeer Bottle 3 Jun 2021

There are also bottled butter beers available exclusively in the New York shop in the USA. Note the label. It has the MACUSA logo design of the US Department of Magic, in a 275 ml bottle. MACUSA is located in New York City.Â

I, Pancake Man, have not yet had a taste of the bottled butterbeer, so I cannot tell you what I think of it. It is unconfirmed whether the taste is the same as other butter beers.

Butterbeer Bar |Butterbeer Bar New York and London Covent Garden Leaky Cauldron label mug

Butterbeer Bar in Harry Potter Store New York.

The Butterbeer Bar is aNew York, USA (Harry Potter Store)andHarry Potter photo exhibition in London, UK Covent Garden.It is located at.

As well as Butterbeer, you can also enjoy sweets and treats from the wizarding world. The photo above shows the interior of the New York branch.

Butterbeer, sold at the bar, 'Theleaky pot labelOh yes, in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando Resort, there's a "Leaky Cauldron (LEAKY CAULDRON)Â

Studio Tour London Backlot Café Butterbeer BUTTERBEER label Logo

Butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream (Backlot Café)

Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK Two Butterbeer mugs from the Backlot Café. The second and third from the left in the picture below.

Butterbeer and Butterbeer ice cream cups (Backlot Café)

Second from left: souvenir tankard (Butterbeer mug).
Third from left: souvenir stein (Butterbeer mug).

Harry Potter Studio Tour London also carries 'Leaky Cauldron' labelled mugs.

'three broomsTankard mug with the 'Leaky Pot' label. This has now been replaced by the 'Leaky Pot' label.

Studio Tour Tokyo Butterbeer Bar BUTTERBEER Label Logo

THE BUTTERBEER BAR, Harry Potter 'Studio Tour Tokyo' area, Butterbeer Menu (former site of Toshimaen), Japan.

'Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo' Butterbeer mugs (Souvenir mugs) are available in the 'Leaky Cauldron' design.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Butterbeer bottles, Japan-only label 'Sakura'.

Normal label 'Leaky Cauldron' butterbeer with 'Tokyo' exclusive design [new] butterbeer in bottle & Japan Tokyo exclusive butterbeer label bottle, 200 ml bottle, set of 4 bottles|Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo (Toshimaen)

Butterbeer bottles are also new to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo in early September 2023!Bottled Butterbeer from the 'Harriotta Tour Tokyo'.The types of

  1. Butterbeer bottle 1 bottle (individual) 275 ml/1 bottle
  2. Butterbeer bottle 1 bottle (single item) 275 ml/1 bottle
  3. Butterbeer bottle 4-pack (set) .200 ml/1 bottle

Butterbeer bottles are available at the merchandise shop Studio Tour Shop (Haripota Tour Tokyo).

Warner Bros. system Butterbeer bottles and mugs Summary

  1. Bottled Butterbeer 275ml label Leaky Cauldron brand
  2. Butterbeer in bottles, 200 ml label, Leaky Cauldron brand.
  3. Bottled Butterbeer 275ml label MACUSA brand
  4. Mug (Souvenir Tankard) Label Three Broomsticks brand
  5. Mug (Souvenir Tankard) Label Leaky Cauldron Brand
  6. Mug (Souvenir Stain) Label Three Broomsticks brand
  7. Mug (Souvenir Stain) Label Leaky Cauldron Brand
  8. Butterbeer in bottles 275 ml labels Japanese brand

As of September 2023.

Universal Orlando Resort Mugs

Stain type mugs. The mugs look similar, but if you look closely you can see the different shapes. It is easy to see the difference by looking at the periphery of the bottom of the mug. As we don't know the official name, we will call them mug and stain for the moment.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Butterbeer mug

Hog's Head Beer, Butterbeer Hog's Head Pub, USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Japanese Butterbeer mugs.

Three Broomsticks Butterbeer Christmas Mug Christmas & Winter 2019

Christmas limited edition Butterbeer mug â

Butterbeer has a premium cup born♪ Like a replica of the Harry Potter films ¥4,500 (USJ) Harry Potter area, Three Broomsticks.

Middle:Stainless steel mugs (official name: Premium Mug) The mug on the right is a Hogshead beer mug, so it is not included in the tally this time. w

 The shape of the mug is different between Universal Studios in Japan and the USA.

Universal Studios system Butterbeer mugs Summary

Universal Studios Hollywood (USA) Hogsmeade Village 1 Million Cups Commemorative photo.

Photo: Universal Orlando Resort 1 Million Cups Celebration event where 1,000 people were served free Butterbeer.

6 types in all.

  1. Mugs USA Universal Studios Mug labels Three Broomsticks brand
  2. Mugs USA Universal Studios Tankard label Three Broomsticks brand
  3. Mugs USA Universal Studios Stain labels Three Broomsticks brand
  4. Mugs Japan Universal Studios Mug labels Three Broomsticks brand
  5. Mug Japan Universal Studios Mug Christmas Ver Label Three Broomsticks Brand
  6. Mug Japan Universal Studios Stainless steel mug label Three Broomsticks brand

The Chinese (Beijing) mags appear to have the same shape as the US steins and have therefore been omitted from the list.

As at May 2022.

Butterbeer Taste Type It's unclear what kind until you drink them all (^_^.)

  1. Warner Bros. 1 type (cold Butterbeer) - Experienced.
  2. Warner Bros. type In bottle (may taste different as it is a bottle?) ... untested.
  3. Universal Studios (USA) 3 types (hot, cold, frozen) - untested.
  4. Universal Studios Japan (Japan) 3 types (hot, cold, frozen) - love it every month.

I have had the Butterbeer from Warner's Harry Potter Studio Tour London's Backlot Café, and my impression compared to USJ's Butterbeer (cold) is that Warner's is asserative and clean tasting. The base is similar but it was easy to drink and had a nice thirst-quenching texture.Butterbeer on the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo had the same throat & taste as in London.

USJ Butterbeer, on the other hand, is a sweet drink with a strong sweet sensation. Drinking it makes you want a separate glass of water or a refreshing sparkling water.

I'd love to go on a Harry Potter tour around the world and experience Butterbeer at all the establishments... and collect the bottles and mugs (≥▽≦).

Butterbeer bottles & mugs worldwide Type As of Sep 2023

Butterbeer bottles 4 types

Mugs 10 types.

3 labels Three Broomsticks, Leaky Cauldron, MACUSA (US Ministry of Magic), Cherry Blossom (Japan and Tokyo only).

The result was that... ♪ If you have all of them in your collection, please take a look at them... ♪ We will introduce them on this page (≥▽≦).

Butterbeer mugs and glasses sold as merchandise are not counted here.

The Harry Potter Store NYC sells Butterbeer (in bottles) with limited-time-only labels on an irregular basis, so the variety of labels is more, but not counted here.

Butterbeer label The logo was designed by the well-knownMINALIMA.Is.

Orlando in the USA has a good selection of Butterbeer, probably because of the Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley!

Universal Orlando Resort's Butterbeer line-up is extensive with seven items... drinks & sweets

  1. Hard-packed Butterbeer Ice Cream
  2. Soft-Serve Butterbeer Ice Cream
  3. Butterbeer Fudge.
  4. Butterbeer Potted Cream
  5. Frozen Butterbeer.
  6. Cold Butterbeer.
  7. Hot Butterbeer

Ice cream, soft drinks and the classic British pastry, '.fudge' is also available. Fudge is a common feature in the original Harry Potter novels. This Butterbeer If I ate and drank all seven of these Butterbeer products at once, though, I don't think my stomach would be able to handle it (laughs).

USJ does not have soft serve ice cream and fudge, and frozen and hot are switched seasonally, so I envy the Orlando wizarding world where everything is available all year round (^▽^;).

Extra Ezra Miller Handing out Butterbeer, Hollywood.

This can happen... You might run into a famous person while playing in the Harry Potter Area! What a surprise!

USJ Butterbeer sales shop

  1. Three Broomsticks Butterbeer, 3 types.
  2. Hog's Head pub, Butterbeer, 3 varieties.
  3. Butterbeer cart, in front of Hogwarts Castle, three types of butterbeer.
  4. Butterbeer cart, Three Broomsticks Front, three types of butterbeer.

Photo: USJ's Butterbeer at an event to celebrate reaching one million glasses.

Photo: USJ's Butterbeer at an event to celebrate reaching one million glasses.

Butterbeer recipe Is there a recipe?

I want to make butterbeer at home! I want to drink it! But can I brew it? There are many recipes and instructions for making butterbeer on the internet.

However, the method of brewing butterbeer has not been made public by Universal Studios or Warner Brothers, as the recipe is considered externally private and shrouded in a veil of secrecy. Unfortunately, it is believed that it is not possible to brew (make) real (original) butterbeer using the recipes that are available for butterbeer.

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  2. THE CHOCOLATE FROG CAFE Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Outside area
  3. THE BACKLOT CAFE Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Area
  4. THE BUTTERBEER BAR Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Area

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We will try our best to write even more enjoyable articles for you to enjoy...

Butterbeer introductions from around the world! 3 types of Butterbeer in bottles 10 types of mugs! Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Buttebeer List
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