Name of event: British Fair 2021 (British Fair 2021)

British Fair 2021 House Of MinaLima House of MinaLima                                             23 (Tue) - 29 (Mon) Nov 2021

MinaLima at the Hankyu British Fair 2021 (Osaka/Umeda) â

British Fair 2021 Hankyu Umeda main shop, Hankyu Umeda, Minalima (MINALIMA).

Name of event: British Fair 2021 (British Fair 2021)
Period: 23 (Tue) - 29 (Mon) November 2021.
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00 (until 18:00 on the last day).
Venue: Hankyu Umeda main shop, 9th floor, Event Hall
(The UK Fair is also held at the Festival Square, Hankyu Umeda Hall and Hankyu Umeda Gallery Art Stage.)

2018 Hankyu British Fair MINALIMA MINALIMAUnfortunately, the graphic designer for the Harry Potter films, 'TheMiraphora Mina.' and 'Mr.Eduardo Lima.Mr. 'Mr.' will not be visiting Japan this time.

MINALIMA, which will have a stall at the UK Fair 2021.Harry Potter's original illustrated book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: the Movie.The stall will mainly feature books, T-shirts and other goods with original illustrations of MinaLima's own 'Classic Series' fairy tales. The Classic Series is only available in English, but the pictures of the fairy tales are beautiful books whose content can be enjoyed by looking at them.

The Adventures of Pinocchio (English version), Beauty and the Beast (English version), The Jungle Book (English version), The Little Mermaid and Other Stories (English version), The Secret Garden (English version), Alice in Wonderland (English version), Peter Pan (English version).

British Fair 2021 Hankyu Umeda main shop, Hankyu Umeda, Minalima (MINALIMA).British Fair 2021 Hankyu Umeda main shop, Hankyu Umeda, Minalima (MINALIMA).

Harry Potter-related items will be on display and for sale, including the illustrated books Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. On the walls, there will be a 'Harry Potter and thePhotography spotAn oversized illustration of Minarima from 'The Chamber of Secrets is Opened' [The Chamber of Secrets is Opened]!

For other Haripota & Fantabi-related activities, travel to Nishi-Umeda Subway Station → Yotsubashi Station.Minarima Osaka (shop).Visit the â

The theme of the UK Fair 2021 is 'Scotland'.

The main theme of this year's Hankyu British Fair is Scotland in the Northern part of the United Kingdom, which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is a country with many legends of witches and magic. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which appears in the Harry Potter films, is said to be located in Scotland. There are also many filming locations for the Harry Potter films. For example, the Grefinan Viaduct where the Hogwarts Express runs over the viaduct, the lake where Dumbledore's tomb was filmed, the slope where Hagrid's hut was filmed, etc. (This was 魔法界ドットコム's introduction to Scotland.)

UK Fair 2021 will feature many sweets, teas, apparel and sundries from the Scottish region â

UK Fair 2021 Featured food and sweets

2018 Hankyu British Fair MINALIMA MINALIMA


  1. Shortbread: Reils Of Caithness, Thurso, Scotland.
  2. Shortbread: Kent Luxury, Glasgow, Scotland.
  3. Shortbread: Palace Of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  4. Shortbread: Shortbread House Of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  5. Shortbread: Island Bakery, Isle of Mull, Scotland.
  6. Shortbread: Cartwright & Butler, Yorkshire, Scotland.
  7. Shortbread: Walkers, Aberlour, Scotland.
  8. Scone: The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  9. Scones: Brownings, Kilmarnock, Scotland.
  10. Scones: Coniston Country Kitchen, Coniston village, Lake District.
  11. Scones: Benoist.
  12. Shortbread: Melrose and Morgan, London, England.
  13. Welsh cakes: Tan Y Castell, Wales.
  14. Fish and chips: The Cod's Scallops, Nottingham, England.

2018 Hankyu British FairThere will also be plenty of other Scottish and British drinks, food, apparel and sundries. For more information, see the official website below. (Photo: past 2018 British Fair)

For a food report (scones, fish and chips) at the British Fair 2021, go to the following website:Â

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UK Fair 2021 Official website

UK Fair 2021 Official website

UK Fair 2021 online store

Previous Reports from previous editions of the British Fair 2018, where Minalima visited Japan.

MinaLima's permanent shop, MinaLima Osaka, is located in Minamihorie.

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Name of event: British Fair 2021 (British Fair 2021)
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