[Video] Harry Potter Writing Show  4K full version.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man from Wizarding World.com.

We were able to take beautiful video of the Harry Potter lighting show in Marunouchi, Tokyo. If you can visit, please go and see it and enjoy it with your naked eye. It should look 5 times more beautiful and clean than the video.

[Video] YouTube Harry Potter Writing Show  4K full version.

Please stay tuned to the report below for more information on the Hogwarts Magic Tree, Mahoudokoro and the Marunouchi Illumination Lighting Ceremony, other than the video.â

Tree of Hogwarts Magic Tree of Hogwarts Magic Lighting ceremony♪ Location Marunouchi Building 1st Floor Marucube Tokyo Marunouchi Harry Potter Illumination Spot

Map (MAP) HARRIPOTA Christmas Tree & Event Venue Marunouchi area, Tokyo

● Red mark. Marunouchi area Illuminations & pop-up shops
● Orange mark. Marunouchi area Tully's Coffee Shop (11 Nov pre-sale shop) ((Tully's - shops with photo spots)
◆Red mark Stamp rally 10 locations
● Green mark Collaboration food and drinks (4 restaurants outside Tully's)
● Blue mark collaboration goods
yellow mark Harry Potter exhibition Tokyo Station, cinema Marunouchi Piccadilly

Tokyo Marunouchi Harry Potter Tour Spot & Collaboration Summary (in order of building)

Marunouchi Tully's Coffee Photo Spot tour of all five Harry Potter photo spots â

Marunouchi Haribo collaboration food tour: food, drink and sweets.

Mahoudokoro & Haripota Christmas Tree etc. in Marunouchi, Tokyo! Period: 11 Nov (Thu) - 25 Dec (Sat), 45 days (planned) Location: Marunouchi Building, etc.

'Harry Potter' Christmas tree appears at Yokohama Landmark Tower and MARK IS Minatomirai! Mahoudokoro stalls and other events with goods for sale♪ 10 Nov (Thu) - 25 Dec (Sun), 2022

Christmas at Grand Front Osaka in collaboration with the 'Harry Potter' Wizarding World, 10 Nov (Thu) - 25 Dec (Sun) 2022, north of Osaka Station.

Amazon Harry Potter collectibles
Rakuten Ichiba Harry Potter Goods

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[Video] Harry Potter Writing Show  4K full version.
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