Birth of premium cups in Butterbeer... silver mugs that look like replicas of the Halliburton films, 4,500 yen.

Harry Potter Area at Universal Studios Japan (USJ).The happy news is that the


From 13 April 2016, a third type of Butterbeer container, the 'Premium Cup', is available!

More types of cups!

  1. disposable plastic cup
  2. with a mug
  3. With premium cup

Each butterbeer tastes the same, but the amount of butterbeer differs, with the disposable plastic cups having the least amount.

Product name: Butterbeer Premium Cup, Frozen Butterbeer Premium Cup

Butterbeer has a premium cup born♪ Like a replica of the Harry Potter films ¥4,500 (USJ) Harry Potter area, Three Broomsticks.

The silver stainless steel mug in the middle is called 'Premium mug'!

 Special metal mugs are included with drinks.
Of course, you can take them home as souvenirs!
Price: ¥.3980 yen. ¥4,500 (as of 2021)
Sales outlets >>
Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade Village (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')
Wagon sales Hogsmeade Village (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')

(as of 4/2016).

The mugs are quite authentic in design!

It's not a replica of the film, but it's realistic, atmospheric and replica-like.

A toast in a premium cup will add to the atmosphere of Harry and his friends!

Birth of a premium cup for Butterbeer... like a replica of a Halliburton film... ¥ 3,980 Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.

The container is not transparent, so, well, that's what it is (laughs).
A bit of a shame, though, because you can't see the Butterbeer.
 You can even take a good look at it before ordering.
There are samples of both barrel carts and Three Broomsticks on display, so I recommend you look at them and touch them to see if you want them. w
The price is a bit high.
I don't feel comfortable forcing everyone to buy it.

Birth of a premium cup for Butterbeer... like a replica of a Halliburton film... ¥ 3,980 Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore.

One point of interest here...
There is no price difference between carbonated butterbeer, frozen butterbeer and the premium cup version! (LOL)
How about! (Oh, yeah!
There is a price difference of 100 yen for disposable plastic cups and plastic mugs (which can be taken home), but www.
(Menu as of 2016 at the time of sale, prices differ from the current prices)

Butterbeer disposable plastic cups

Butterville & Frozen Butterbeer (USJ) Harry Potter Area The Three Broomsticks

On the left.frozen butter beer Right.Ordinary butterbeer.

Butterbeer plastic mug.

Butterbeer plastic mug and plastic cup USJ Harry Potter area Three Broomsticks

This is the 'ThemugIt's a 'W'! I'd urge anyone with a spare wallet to get one of these.
Butterbeer-flavoured ice creamAs I mentioned, I'd like to try this Butterbeer with ice cream on it as a Butterbeer Ice Cream Float.

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