4.Questions Wand Magic (Magic Wands: Magical Wands) Questions Summary *Is it safe to borrow and lend wands? etc. (USJ Harry Potter area)

4. Questions about wand magic (magical wands) Q Can wands be lent or borrowed (used interchangeably)? etc. (USJ "Harry Potter Area")

Good evening. The Wizard Pancake Man, Dumbledore.Universal Studios Japan (USJ), Harry Potter Area.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionwand magicandmagical wandWe'll summarise what you need to know in the following section:Â

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On a summary of questions and queries about wand magic in the Harry Potter Area.

4. Questions about wand magic (magical wands) *Is it OK to borrow and lend wands? etc. (USJ "Harry Potter Area")
I have my own interpretation, so if you are in doubt, please check with USJ or the Wizard & Witch of Hogsmeade Village (crew) yourself. This blog site isUnofficial fan pageSo please bear that in mind.

Wand Magic and Magical Wands Summary list of questions & doubts

  1. What is WAND?
  2. Can I have fun with the cane replica canes I have bought in the past?
  3. Is wand magic only for children?
  4. Can children alone enjoy the Magical Wand?
  5. Do we need one Magical Wand per person? Can I use them all the time?
  6. What effect does a successful spell have?
  7. How many challenges can one person take on?
  8. Shop affair wand magic empty time of the day? Busy times?
  9. Wand Magic How long do you wait in line?
  10. What time are the witches and wizards (crew) available to teach?
  11. Is your magical wand broken? What if it's not in good shape?
  12. Does the Magical Wand contain batteries?
  13. How does the Magical Wand work?
  14. Purchased from Universal Studios in the USA and China.interactive wandcan be used?
  15. Universal Studios in the USA and China also have wand magic (magical experience) spells and locations.are the same?
  16. Can I use my own homemade magical wand?

3-1 Wand Magic 1 * Hogwarts Express Trunk [Spell] System Aperio Magical Wand (USJ "Harry Potter Area").

What is WAND?

Oh - there are questions like that. This is Japan.
A wand is a staff.
There are two types of Harry Potter wands at Universal Studios (USJ).
The wands that can be used in the Wand Magic attraction, and the ordinary wands that cannot be used in the Wand Magic attraction. The wand magic attraction is a magical attraction that allows you to experience magic in two ways: with a magical wand or with an ordinary wand.New wand attraction at USJ Harry Potter where you can experience magic.Please see the 'W

Can you have fun with Harry Potter wands (replica wands) bought in the past?

That is. Unfortunately, you can't play Wand Magic with a replica wand. To play Wand Magic, you need a special wand, the Magical Wand.'2. obtain a magical wand! Visit the Ollivander Wand Store'-' (used in place of '-')See the description in this report. Magical wands have a lens-like orb at the end of the wand. Non-magical wands can be distinguished by the absence of a lens-like orb at the tip of the wand.

Is wand magic only for children? Can adults do it too?

The Wand Magic is safe for adults too, although there is nothing on the USJ website that says it's good or bad. If your mum and granddad like Harry Potter, they'll want to enjoy it. I'm one of them. (laughs) I don't think it's a good idea for adults to have fun while children are left behind. I want the adults to enjoy it too, while giving priority to the children. Well, this is an attraction where adults sometimes fail while children succeed in casting spells. Don't be shy to try and enjoy yourself.
In case you're wondering, the instructions for the Magical Wand say.Ages 12 years and over.The following is a list of the most common reasons for using the device. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that small children are allowed to use it. Especially wielding a walking stick,stab someone else in the eyeand dangerous, you know!

Can children alone enjoy Wand Magic?

Of course, children can enjoy it alone.12 years and over.Parents should be aware of this. As long as the child is not a wand-wielding danger to others. There is no harm in children playing around in the wizarding world on their own. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Do you need one Magical Wand per person to experience Wand Magic at USJ?

  In principle, it is necessary.  The USJ website states.
Make sure you bring your own Magical Wand with you to the experience.
This means that you should not lend or borrow Magical Wands, and that you should buy one wand per person, but when you buy from Ollivander, you are not told that you are not allowed to lend or borrow. When I myself bought a wand and when my friend bought a wand, there was no explanation about the prohibition of lending and borrowing. Nor was there any such explanation from the wizards (crew) standing at the wand magic spot. This means that most people don't know about the explanations on the website.
In my opinion, taking the above situation into account, it would be good for two people who are close to each other.
It's hard to draw the line, but parents and children, friends2 and couples, etc.
Personally, I think they are good for use in shifts alongside each other.
On the other hand, I'd ask you to be respectful of lending and borrowing with more than three people or to strangers.
The price of the magic wand is not cheap at 4,900 yen.
I'd recommend you do well there.

In correction, as new information has been brought to us by our fellow witches.
Witnesses say they were warned about chartering with friends. 。。。。

Further updates.
Wizard rumoured to live in the USJ Wizarding World '.Jo-Taku @jo_taku150 Mr. W.
(Thanks for the information, W.)
He was told by a Hogsmeade wizard (crew member) that the explanation is one person per magical wand (wand).
You can borrow and lend canes. However, you must queue with the cane in your hand.
So you can't stand in line without a walking stick.
For those who do not have a wand, they can borrow one from someone who has completed their magical experience before queuing up. The rules and regulations can change from time to time, so this is just to say that at the moment it's okay... I hope you enjoy getting your own magic wand if you can buy one... My Wand will make you feel like a wizard or witch yourself...
Pancake Man Dumbledore.
I really think a rental cane would be ideal, but...
If we had a set of dressing gowns, scarves and magical wands, the wizarding world would be full of students, and the world would become an even more enjoyable place to live in.
Oops, that's just me talking to myself.

What effect does wand magic have if the spell is successful?

Spells and magic have different effects depending on the magic wand spot (wand magic).
I'm not going to mention specifics on this blog for a while because it would be a spoiler.
However, a few hints: there may be something different between a wizard who is good at spells and a wizard or witch who is very good at spells. I'd like you to try it out a few times and experience the difference yourself (laughs).
Each report explains the successful results of the 2022 Wand Magic and tips on how to be successful. See the detailed pages below.Â

How many times can one person try Wand Magic?

You can try the Wand Magic three to five times on your turn. Sometimes you can do it as many times as you like if there is no one waiting behind you... and if there is someone waiting, you can try again if you get in line again. So even if the spell doesn't work, you can try again and again if you queue up enough times! So, everyone, good luck with your magic studies!

Wand Magic Empty time of day? Busy times?

The times when the Wand Magic magic experience spots are free are in the morning (just after the park opens to before noon) and in the evening and at night. It is often crowded and there are queues from around noon to the evening. Weekends and holiday months are also often busier than other weekdays. The day after USJ especially Wand Magic is broadcast on TV, it becomes very popular for about a month and there can be queues of 20 people or more.

How long do I have to wait in line for Wand Magic?

The magic experience at Wand Magic takes approximately one to two minutes per person. If it took two minutes per person, that would mean a wait of about 20 minutes if there are 10 people in line; at one minute per person, that's a 10-minute wait. Usually there are only a few guests waiting. If the queue is too long, it is more efficient to go around the empty Wand Magic first.

What time are the witches and wizards (crew) available to teach?

Unfortunately, the USJ Wand Magic experience spots do not always have a supervising witch or wizard. They are usually there during the day, but not at night. If they are not there, you will have to challenge yourself and play by yourself.

Is your magical wand broken? What if it's not in good shape?

If your Magical Wand breaks or goes bad, consult the staff at the Ollivander's Wand shop. If it is broken, unfortunately you will have to buy a new one. The tip of the cane is very important, so handle it carefully to avoid damaging or breaking it.â

Does the Magical Wand contain batteries? Do they need to be replaced?

The Magical Wand contains no batteries. So there's no chance of running out of batteries.

How does the Magical Wand work?

How does the Magical Wand work...It is the power of magic!What an answer, but to give a Muggle scientific answer, the Magical Wand wand is constructed with a reflector in the tip lens section of the wand. If you want to know more, Google the patent database.â

Can I use an interactive wand purchased at Universal Studios in the USA or China?

Universal Studios in the USA has also developed USJ's Magical Wand (wand) into an 'interactive wand'.The product is sold under the name of "The Magic of the World". You can bring it to Japan and the magic will still work!つまり使用可能じゃ♪Conversely, you can take the Magical Wand from USJ to Hogsmeade Village or Diagon Alley in the USA... as well as the wand from Universal Beijing Resort in China.

Can I use my own homemade magical wand?

Performing wand magic with a homemade magical wand isprohibitionYes, that's right. Only wands purchased at Universal Studios can be used. That's not surprising. The price of the Magical Wand is included in the price of the wand magic.
If you have decorated or altered a purchased magical wand to make it look different, the crew may warn you. If this is the case, tell the crew that you have altered the wand you originally purchased. They will tell you whether you can or cannot use it.

Is there always a cast member (witch or wizard) at Wand Magic who can teach me how to wave the Magical Wand?

Unfortunately, they are not always present. They may or may not be there depending on the location of the wand magic. If you want to be told, go to a wand magic spot where a cast member is present.

Does the attraction chosen for Ollivander's Wand give you a free wand, the Magical Wand?

Ollivander's Keeper is located at the 'Wands choose wizards' attraction (where Harry can experience the scene in the film where he is chosen by his wand).So, if you are successfully chosen as a wand, you will receive a free 'Magical Wand'! It would be great if it were free, but unfortunately you have to pay to buy it. If it were free, everyone would queue again and again, so the wait would be long from morning till night (^_^;).

Will there be more types of Magical Wands (Interactive Wand) at USJ? Will there be a Magical Wand for my favourite character?

When the Magical Wands were originally launched at Universal Studios Japan, there were only seven Harry Potter character Magical Wands; as of October 2022, this number has increased to 20. 2022 saw the sudden roll-out of new Magical Wand products and the introduction of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. The number of magical wands has increased to a total of 20, with the introduction of the Fantastic Beasts character's magical wand. And it looks like there will be more to come (≥▽≦) CurrentlyWands of characters sold in replica wands (original wands) on sale at USJ.is supposed to turn into a magical wand.

Can I buy the old USJ Magical Wand (Interactive Wand) birthday month wand?

Unfortunately, USJ will no longer sell and purchase 13 types of birthday month wands in December 2022 when they are no longer available.13 new Harry Potter wand cores 3 new types of magic wands for saleThe product is now available in the United States. The online shop at Universal Studios Orlando in the USA is now selling stock of the old product.

(Note that this does not apply if the operating rules have changed.)
(Last updated: January 2023))

The above information will be changed/amended if correct information or changes are made, and is for reference only.
If you notice anything wrong with the information, please let us know.
Owl flights to me are.Twitterand ... andTikTok., YouTube., FacebookWe'll be waiting for you at the

Magical Wand Sales Locations and Wand Magic Experience Locations|USJ "Harry Potter Area

(USJ Harry Potter Area Hogwarts & Hogsmeade MAP) Magical Wand Sales Stores & Wand Magic Experience Locations (Magic Wand Spots)

When the Harry Potter Area is open during the festive season and the magical Christmas tree appears, there will be more spots where you can experience wand magic.

Table of contents: magical wands and wand magic USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

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  1. New wand attraction (Wand Magic) in USJ 'Harry Potter Area' to experience magic.
  2. Get your Magical Wand (magic wand)! Let's go to the Ollivander Wand Shop!
    1. Ollivander Wand Shop Magical Wands 23 character wands, 36 in all.
    2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wand is now available in Magical Wands.
    3. USJ Harry Potter wands New Magical Wands 13 original wands available
  3. Wand Magic Spot location summary! Magic Experience / Magical Wand|USJ
    1. Wand Magic 1 | Trunks on the Hogwarts Express | Spell System Aperio Tips for magical success.
    2. Wand Magic 2|The Great Door in the square in front of Hogsmeade Station|Spell Alohomora Tips for magical success.
    3. Wand Magic 3|Chimneys on the Wall in the village of Hogsmeade|Spell Incendio Tips for magical success.
    4. Wand Magic 4|Dervish and Bangs' Music Box|Spell Arrest Momentum Tips for magical success.
    5. Wand Magic 5|Dervish & Bangs' Back Alley Cauldron|Spell Aguamenti Tips for magical success.
    6. Wand Magic 6|Path behind the Honeydukes|Spell Meteorozincs Tips for magical success.
    7. Wand Magic 7|Quaffle Ball of Spintwitches|Spell Wingardium Leviosa Tips for magical success.
    8. Wand Magic 8|Quidditch Flag|Spells Ventus Tips for magical success.
  4. Question! Summary of questions about wand magic (magic wand: magical wand)

    1. Why 'wand magic' doesn't work if the 'magical wand' malfunctions HARRIPOTA AREA
  5. Wand Study New show in the Harry Potter area! Hogwarts students practising magic!

    1. You can experience the spell locomotor in the wand study!

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4.Questions Wand Magic (Magic Wands: Magical Wands) Questions Summary *Is it safe to borrow and lend wands? etc. (USJ Harry Potter area)
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