1.USJ 「ハリー・ポッター エリア」に呪文体験できる魔法の杖のアトラクション新登場(ワンド・マジック/マジカル・ワンド)♪

Today's guide is Pancake Man Dumbledore, nice to meet you.
No, the recent articles have always been in an Albusian tone.

Amazingly, even Muggles now have a wand attraction where they can use magic!
Location.Universal Studios Japan (USJ), known as Univa, the magical world.I'm not!
April 2016.Harry Potter Area.The magical experience attraction, officially launched in thewand magic♪ I'm going to introduce you to the ♪

Name of attraction: Wand-Magic.
Play with a wand called the Interactive Wand (Magical Wand).

We'll call Wand Magic a 'magic wand' attraction, where 'interactive' means interactive, two-way, interactive, etc.Interactive Wand at Universal Studios Orlando (USA).I call it.

The Magical Wand in the Harry Potter area at USJ.

Officially launched on 13 March 2016, USJ's new attraction, "(Wand Magic) Experience spells with a magic wand.The Wizarding World can be experienced in the Harry Potter Area! As you probably know, the Wizarding World is the Hogsmeade Village and Hogwarts Castle in the USJ Harry Potter Area! To be able to experience magic spells with the wands of wizards and witches is a rare opportunity for Muggles who cannot normally use magic (laughs).

2022 Fantastic Beasts Magical Wand also launched in USJ Ollivander's shop.The English name 'Interactive Wand' was added to the name at the time it was made.

New wand attraction in USJ 'Harry Potter Area' to experience magic (Wand Magic: Magical Wands).

Nahchan (@snoel72), who looks like Harry.I've experienced it with the following people... ♪ I'll give you a report... ♪

What is wand magic? If you wave your wand while chanting a spell in the Harry Potter Area's Magic Experience Pot... Harry will hold up his wand and say 'Ventus!' (Wind!)' (Wind!) while chanting and waving your wand to experience the magical effects.

Where wand magic is available, while casting spells.Magical WandThe magic works when you skillfully manipulate the

New wand attraction in USJ 'Harry Potter Area' to experience magic (Wand Magic: Magical Wands).

Then something happens!
Yes, it happens! It's like magic!
This is sure to be fun (laughs).
Well, now you want to give it a try.

A special wand (Magical Wand) is required to experience Wand Magic.Let's go through it step by step. Let me explain step by step.

USJ New magical experience attraction in the Harry Potter Area Wand Magic Dumbledore's Magical Wand

The wand above is the Magical Wand! At first glance it looks like an ordinary replica wand, but it is not.To experience Harry Potter's wand magic, you need a special wand, the Magical Wand.faucet


Table of Contents: Magical Wands and Wand Magic USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

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  1. New wand attraction (Wand Magic) in USJ 'Harry Potter Area' to experience magic.
  2. Get your Magical Wand (magic wand)! Let's go to the Ollivander Wand Shop!
    1. Ollivander Wand Shop Magical Wands 23 character wands, 36 in all.
    2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wand is now available in Magical Wands.
    3. USJ Harry Potter wands New Magical Wands 13 original wands available 
  3. Wand Magic Spot location summary! Magic Experience / Magical Wand|USJ
    1. Wand Magic 1 | Trunks on the Hogwarts Express | Spell System Aperio Tips for magical success.
    2. Wand Magic 2|The Great Door in the square in front of Hogsmeade Station|Spell Alohomora Tips for magical success.
    3. Wand Magic 3|Chimneys on the Wall in the village of Hogsmeade|Spell Incendio Tips for magical success.
    4. Wand Magic 4|Dervish and Bangs' Music Box|Spell Arrest Momentum Tips for magical success.
    5. Wand Magic 5|Dervish & Bangs' Back Alley Cauldron|Spell Aguamenti Tips for magical success.
    6. Wand Magic 6|Path behind the Honeydukes|Spell Meteorozincs Tips for magical success.
    7. Wand Magic 7|Quaffle Ball of Spintwitches|Spell Wingardium Leviosa Tips for magical success.
    8. Wand Magic 8|Quidditch Flag|Spells Ventus Tips for magical success.
  4. Question! Summary of questions about wand magic (magic wand: magical wand)
  5. Wand Study New show in the Harry Potter area! Hogwarts students practising magic!

    1. You can experience the spell locomotor in the wand study!
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2.Get your own Magical Wand! Visit the Ollivander Wand Shop|USJ "Harry Potter Area

Ollivander Wand, Magical Wand, all types  USJ "Harry Potter Area".

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