Nimbus 2000 authentic (used for filming the movie) for sale on eBay, UK! Approx 510,000 yen (3000 GBP)!

Today we have some great news for potteries!

UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

Nimbus 2000 for sale on eBay in the UK!
They're not replicas! It's the real thing (apparently)!

Immediate price 3,000 pounds sterling (Japanese yen approx. 510,000 yen approx.)

Now when exactly is this Nimbus 2000 a Nimbus 2000!

Is it really real!
I'm sure you're wondering about that, aren't you? w

To the best of the Wizard Pancake Man's knowledge, or rather the Warner Bros staff's descriptions of the past, he has scraped together information.

Two teams were responsible for the production of the Nimbus 2000 as a film prop (prop).

1.Resin (lightweight) Nimbus 2000.
2. wooden (heavy), handmade Nimbus 2000.

The resin Nimbus 2000 looks beautiful and the broom handle is polished and smooth.
The wooden Nimbus 2000 has a handle with reproduced knots and other features, and is modelled from a tree branch.
Many knots are reproduced on the handle.

UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

One way to distinguish resin from wood is whether there is a knot at the top where the nimbus handle bends.

The Nimbus 2000 appears in the following two film versions of Harry Potter.
'The Philosopher's Stone'.
'The Chamber of Secrets'.

Holy shit, most of the scenes were only confirmed by the resin Nimbus 2000.

The scene that may be wooden is the next scene in The Chamber of Secrets.

Close-up footage of Harry being chased by Deemember during a Quidditch match scene with Slytherin.
It looks like a wooden Nimbus 2000, although it can only be seen for a moment.
Check it out once (^^)/.

UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

So, is this Nimbus on sale on eBay UK really the one filmed in the film?

There are several places to look for where this wooden Nimbus 2000 and the same type of broom appeared in photographs.

A. Appeared in previous exhibitions
(Previously exhibited at the British Museum, when the Chamber of Secrets in Japan was opened to the public).
B. When it was created over a week during a special event on the 2014 Warner Bros. Studio Tour.
C. Other past media coverage.

UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

The picture of the rather large man astride in the image on eBay does not appear to be the seller himself, but a well-known British announcer.

We have confirmed that this photo was taken during the 2014 event in 'B' above.

It was impossible to identify when the Nimbus was from the photos of other exhibitors on the WWW.
Now, was the Nimbus 2000 on display used for filming?
Is it produced by the film crew, even though it was not used in the filming?
Or was it produced at the 2014 event?
It is thought to be one of the following (^▽^;)
It is GBP 3,000 in UK money (approximately 510,000 Japanese yen).
I would like to have the Wizard Pancake Man if he were real! but he has not appeared in almost any scenes in the film.

nimbus2000 broomstick harrypotter
UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

And $510,000 there is... distressing...

If this was a '1' Nimbus, I would buy it even if I had to borrow 510,000 yen (laughs).

If you want this Nimbus 2000, go to ebay and press the buy now button â

UK ebay Nimbus 2000 Used in Harry Potter filming!

Shipping costs to Japan (10,000-20,000 yen?) in addition to the price of the goods.
VAT and duties on imports (roughly 121 TP5T?). You also have to be prepared for!
Of course, you need an ebay account, but w

There are definitely not many Nimbus 2000s of the 2 in the world!

Don't miss this chance (^o^).
It would be great if people in Japan bought it!
Please show it to the Pancake Man... ♪
I'll ask for it.
Please note that we take no responsibility for whether the Pancake Man falls into categories A to C or is not even real (laughs).
*Image from seller page.

The real Nimbus 2000 'nimbus2000' can be seen at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

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