New product launched in October 2015 in the USJ wizarding world... The Weasley family's Christmas present is a jumper handmade by Ron's mum (Molly)...

In the film, it is a design-subtle jumper that Ron does not like to wear.

Harry has never received a Christmas present (apart from the odd goodie).
I was overjoyed to receive a Christmas present from Ron's mum.

That present is this jumper ('omega').
Ron and Harry's special Weasley family jumper, handmade by Ron's mum (USJ Haripota) Wizard Pancake Man.

Product name: Ron's 'R' jumper Harry's 'H' jumper for adults.

(Ron Weasley's "R" knitted jacket)

Distributors:Wise Acres Magical Supplies Store, Hogsmeade Village.other (esp. people and abstract matters)

(USJ, Harry Potter area)
Price: ¥14,000.
Country of origin: Made in Scotland.
Material: wool silk.
Size: unisex (XS, S, M, L).

Ron and Harry's special Weasley family jumper, handmade by Ron's mum (USJ Haripota) Wizard Pancake Man.

This replica jumper has a large "H" for Harry and an "R" for Ron sewn into the middle of the chest.

Potterians will instantly recognise 'that jumper' when they see it.
Jumper for Ron & Harry fans.
You can display it in your room, or wear it to the USJ Wizarding World and come and visit.â
If possible, they should both wear it and visit Hogsmeade and Hogwarts together.
('omega') no.
Incidentally, there are no markings on the back side.
From the back it looks like an ordinary jumper (laughs).

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