Ice cream (strawberry and peanut butter flavoured) USJ Harry Potter area

Today's report is.USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.Sweets, which can be eaten at theice creamThe introduction of the 'The Ice Cream Parlour'. And the manufacturer is that ice-cream parlour! The secret and the [hidden spot] is â

 Four ice cream menus.

  1. Strawberry and peanut-butter ice cream (STRAWBERRY AND PEANUT-BUTTER) ¥500
  2. Chocolate ice cream (CHOCOLATE) ¥500
  3. Vanilla ice cream (VANILLA) ¥500
  4. Butterbeer ice cream (BUTTERBEER) ¥500, introduced 13 April 2016 â

Ice cream (strawberry and peanut butter flavoured) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The Wizard Pancake Man ate.

Strawberry and peanut butter ice cream â

It had a strong strawberry taste with a slight peanut butter taste.

Ice cream (strawberry and peanut butter flavoured) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

It is delicious. That's because the manufacturer is that company (laughs).Ice cream made by Thirty-One.Â

Chocolate ice cream â

Ice cream (chocolate flavour) Three Broomsticks - Harry Potter area, Univa.

Vanilla ice-cream (VANILLA).

Vanilla ice cream Three Broomsticks USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Butterbeer ice cream (BUTTERBEER)

Butterbeer ice cream ('Harry Potter area')

slightlybutterbeerIt is an ice cream with a taste, but without any peculiarities and with an excellent flavour!

Detailed report: new on 13 April 2016... Butterbeer is now ice-cream...

Retailers in the USJ HARRIPOTA area.

  1. three brooms
  2. Wagon sales (next to Wise Acres Magic Western Goods Store).

Ice cream is also available from wagon sales in Hogsmeade Village (Universal Studios Japan).

Wizarding World ice cream is only available in the Harry Potter Area.

In which scene did this ice cream appear in the original novel or in the Harry Potter film? (*) Hint: ↓.

'FLOREAN FORTESCUE'S' on ice cream cups.

'FLOREAN FORTESCUE'S' on ice cream cups.

What? Can't you see it? Look carefully. It's the fine print above the "ICE CREAM" print, which reads.Florian Fortiskew ice cream'.

This ice cream is in the original Harry Potter novels and the film Harry Potter,Diagon AlleyThe shop will be in the shop of the

[Hidden spot] Florian Fortescue Ice Cream Parlour.

Harry in the third volume of the original novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.pot that has leaked outThe students are accommodated in the Harry every day to do his Hogwarts homework,They would go to the terrace of an ice cream parlour in Diagon Alley. That ice cream shop is the 'Florian Fortiskew Ice Cream Parlour'.The owner liked Harry and served him an ice cream sundae every half hour. The scene is called.

Unfortunately, USJ does not 'yet' have Diagon Alley. (Make it soon! Mr Morioka!) *Original article was written in 2014. However, ice cream can be bought in Hogsmeade Village in the Harry Potter Area!

[Detailed report] Diagon Alley Harry Potter Studio Tour London, United Kingdom Diagon Alley Introduction of shops seen in the film.

Where to eat ice cream

You can eat as Harry on the Three Broomsticks terrace and feel like you're in Diagon Alley! (Laughs) Oh, to eat on the terrace, you need to buy ice cream from the Three Broomsticks... because ice cream from the wagon sales cannot be brought onto the terrace,Bench in front of Hog's Head pub.,,Owlery bench-ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.)Bench in front of Hogwarts.It is recommended to eat at

I ordered a coffee and ice cream (strawberry and peanut butter) and ate it on the terrace of the Three Broomsticks, looking out over Hogwarts. That was during the still warm season. Click here to read about that time.

You can enter the terrace of the Three Broomsticks to take photos... The Three Broomsticks is open for drinks only... USJ "Harry Potter Area".

It's a bit cold in the middle of winter, so we recommend the inside of the Three Broomsticks shop! (^^)!

Three Broomsticks, location of rest benches (map).

Three Broomsticks, location of benches for resting (map) Location of benches where you can sit and eat ice cream.

Three Broomsticks: shop information

Restaurant information Three Broomsticks THREE BROOMSTICKS Restaurant in Harry Potter Area|USJ Hogsmeade Village (Osaka)

Ice cream from Harry Potter Studios, London.

Meals (breakfast, lunch and sweets) on Day 1 of the Harry Potter Studio Tour  Delicious English Breakfast, Butterbeer and hot dogs (London, UK/London).

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Ice cream (strawberry and peanut butter flavoured) USJ Harry Potter area
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