On Sunday 9 November 2014, USJ had its final Halloween & Horror Nights opening day.
Unfortunately, the weather was rainy, but there were many visitors to the park and it was very crowded. w

Today, I'm going to be with the "Snape Army", that fancy dress group, again.

This time, Snape's army ranks are as follows

Professor Snape.
Dr Quirrell.
Dr McGonagall (first appearance).
Dr Umbridge (first appearance).
Demember 2 (previously 1)
streamers (worn over one's head by students, teachers, etc.)
Me (Wizard Pancake Man).

Unfortunately, the last participant, who was dressed as "Nimbus 2000", could not attend due to business commitments.
It's too bad we won't get to see that nimbus... (no)...

Then I had a flash of fun without telling the corps members...

He secretly contacted Nimbus 2000 (first generation), who gave him a set of broom masquerade equipment. w

By the way, it was thought up and produced by the first generation. w
And let me add that she's a woman. w
On the day of the event, the intention was to surprise Snape Legion members with an appearance as 'Nimbus 2000 (2nd generation)' where they thought I would come in Gryffindor dressing gowns.
Back to the morning of the 9th, I appeared in my Nimbus 2000 costume at the "Beverly Hills Boulangerie", the meeting place with Snape's Army.
Snape's Army and Nimbus 20002nd masquerade (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.

I was surprised to see the Nimbus 2000, which I never expected to see! LOL! And the surprise to Snape's army is a success!Â

Incidentally, it differs from the original Nimbus 2000 in the addition of three golden bands that bind the broom together.
(An inconspicuous addition, but a sticking point for my love of the Nimbus 2000. w)

And for the first time, 'Professor McGonagall' and 'Professor Umbridge' are also in beautiful costumes with a splendid atmosphere.
Minerva unfortunately did not get her hat in time. (Expect w next year).
Due to the rain on this day, the cafés and restaurants were almost always on standby from 9.00 am to about 14.00 pm.
Thanks to you, I've enjoyed three different kinds of cake.

On the way there, we ran into 'Hagrid' and he took a photo with us...

Snape's Army and Nimbus 20002nd masquerade (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.
The atmosphere is very Hagrid.
I couldn't confirm permission to publish this article, so I'm hiding my eyes. w
In the late afternoon, the rain finally stopped and I left the restaurant to go for a walk.
The moment we left, we were followed by a stream of happy requests for a photo with them... we couldn't move on from there (laughs).

No, thank you very much indeed.
It's so nice to dress up and hear this kind of feedback. It's really ∩ ∩.
(WWW, no photo at hand, will upload when available)
By the time we reached the entrance to the Harriotta area, it was time for numbered tickets and everyone except me was admitted first.
There is a bit of a hiccup and I (broom) am the only one who has to wait 90 minutes before it's time to enter.
There was no point in hanging around by myself, so I sat on one of the rocks in the Stone Circle at the entrance to the Harriotta area to kill time. w
Many people approached me and took photos with me, making it a fun 90 minutes.
Thank you very much.Â
We also had a chance to talk to the famous youtuber "Skakan" on youtube!

Thank you ('omega') no.
When it was time to enter, we walked along the path to Hogsmeade Village and were met at the village gate by Snape's Army.
andthree broomsGo to dinner at the

We are a large group of eight people,Platter 'Great Feast'.Order the ♪
Then this is the Great Feast!

Great Feast (platter) Three Broomsticks (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.
This is indeed an impressive sight!
This dish was shared and eaten by four professors, two dementors, a hat and a broom (laughs).

Find the hidden spot on the Three Broomsticks... (Wizard Pancake Man)
A shop witch who was nearby at the time told me about a hidden spot w

The Silhouette, a hidden spot in the Three Broomsticks.See separate article on!

Snape's Army and Nimbus 20002nd masquerade (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.

Dessert,profit rollSatisfied with the food, Ikko went to explore Hogwarts Castle.

Snape's Army and Nimbus 20002nd masquerade (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.
♪ Commemorative photo on stage ♪

The Wizard Pancake Man was accidentally discovered by an acquaintance dressed as the Nimbus 2000! (Laughter) It was a bit embarrassing!

We also left the Harriotta area, enjoyed the zombies at Horror Nights and came here to enjoy Sadako from Terminator. w
I asked Terminator Reika Ayakoji to nominate "Nimbus 2000" and asked her "Where did you come from?" I tried to answer the question "Where did you come from?" but... I failed. w
So, the fun-filled day flew by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, it's just 10 minutes to 10pm (laughs).
The park is already closed.
It was also the best day of hilarious fun!
Extra >.
Snape's Army and Nimbus 20002nd masquerade (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.

Dr McGonagall with her Sorting Hat, WWW.

(Photo by Professor Snape? Mr Dementor? Which one is it?)
Once again, thank you to Snape, Quirrell, McGonagall, Umbridge, Di Member 1, Di Member 2 and the Sorting Hat for being with us.
Thank you very much!
And for those who want to see this amazing Snape army but miss it.
There's a 'big' chance that next year, this member's fancy dress will go with the Harriotta theme!
Enjoy the 2015 USJ Halloween season (^^)Â
The Wizard Pancake Man will go to USJ as a live Gryffindor until the next fancy dress season.
I look forward to meeting you when I see you...

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