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USJ (Universal Studios Japan)(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionWizarding World of Harry Potter(also known as the 'Harry Potter area').The HARRIPOTA area is a fun place to visit.[Hidden spot].There are a lot of â

Today I'm going to show you a 'hidden spot' to look up at the sky in Hogsmeade Village...

On the roof of the Owl Hut is the Hogsmeade Village Clock Tower.

I think many people don't even realise the clock tower exists because it is quite a tall tower (laughs).

Owlery Clock Tower (Hogsmeade) HARRIPOTA USJ Wizard Pancake Man

This clock tower,Every 15 minutes at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes of every hour.The clock is a karakuri clock with an owl popping up in the
The image is an owl version of a cuckoo clock.Owl clock(Laughter).

The images below are *spoilers*, so don't scroll down if you want to see them after you've been to USJ!

However, it is not something that will surprise you, so don't expect too much.

Hidden spot] Owl Clock The timing of the appearance of the owl clock is with the sound of the bell.

Owlery Clock Tower (Hogsmeade) HARRIPOTA USJ Wizard Pancake Man

The occasional chiming of the bells in the Harry Potter area is actually emitted from this clock tower.

Timing is when the clock reaches 15 ticks.

Owlery Clock Tower (Hogsmeade) HARRIPOTA USJ Wizard Pancake Man

The double doors opened.

An owl came out... It hoots at the time of day. www.

Owlery Clock Tower (Hogsmeade) HARRIPOTA USJ Wizard Pancake Man

                     The length of the ringing varies every hour at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes of the time of appearance.

It only takes a moment to come out.

It's a very fleeting moment, so you probably won't see it unless you're waiting and staring at the clock tower (laughs).

If you don't know the clock tower and you hear an owl hooting somewhere, you will probably look around and the owl will probably be closed and impossible to see w exactly [hidden spot]! (Laughter)

If you want to take a photo, wait a minute before and point your camera at the clock tower to be able to take a photo! When you hear the bell, the doors will open in two seconds.Â

Where to come out.is the Hogwarts Express (Hogsmeade Station) sidePlease note that the only w

All four sides of the clock tower have a design of a double doors, but the owl only appears on one side. Please note that if you stare at the wrong door, you will not see the owl.â

I can't see it at all! We've prepared a video for Muggles who can't see it at all. Make sure you know where you're going and check it out next time you're at Hogwarts.

[Video] YouTube Owl Clock â€" Harriotta area [hidden spot].

USJ【隠れスポット】フクロウ時計の時計台~ふくろう便&ふくろう小屋~ ハリーポッター エリア



A large wizarding clock ticks away the hours under the clock tower.

Large clock on the outside wall on the Hogsmeade Station side of the Owlery Hut USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The owl clock is located above this large clock. Be sure to look at the back side of the big clock face. It is a clock from the wizarding world with a large pendulum ticking away the time. It's a wonderfully calming experience to sit on the bench and look at it...

[Video] YouTube The tick-tock sound of a clock in the wizarding world of mindlessness.

無心になりたい魔女と魔法使いの皆さんへ 魔法界の時計のチクタク音 30分間用意しました♪
If you get tired in Hogsmeade Village, there is a bench at Koko Owl Hut where you can rest. You can sit on the benches and say, 'if you listen carefullyYou'll hear a soothing tick-tock sound that will make you feel nostalgic. The sound of the mechanical pendulum of the Wizarding World Clock... ♪ I think it has a calming effect when I hear it when I'm tired... ♪

This is information on the Owl Clock in Hogsmeade Village.
This clock tower is an architectural feature that does not appear in the original story or film (as I recall w)

Shop information: owl service & owl hut

Send a letter from the "Owl Post" (postmark) at the "Owl Post" (hidden spot) â™" USJ Harry Potter Area

Hidden Spots] Howler Mail - Owl Flight & Owlery - USJ Harry Potter Area

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