Hidden Spot] Howler Mail - Owl Flight & Owlery (Harry Potter Area, USJ)

Hello Wizard Pancake Man (*´▽*), today we have an interesting tidbit from the USJ Harry Potter Area.

Owl Flight and Owl Hut in Hogsmeade Village.[Hidden spot].          One of the

' by the owl mailbox.OWL POST.The bay window of the 'The Wizard of Hogwarts' is a unique device. The bay window is loaded with parcels of letters awaiting delivery from wizards and Hogwarts students...

In fact, if you stand here for a while, you can hear the 'barking mail' â

Hidden Spot] Howler Mail - Owl Flight & Owlery (Harry Potter Area, USJ)

The content - you'll have to listen to it!

You can appear in the middle of this bay window and listen to the 'barking mail' conversation.

Hidden Spot] Howler Mail - Owl Flight & Owlery (Harry Potter Area, USJ)

Usually invisible, but when the barking mail appears, the barker's barking words (reads the letter out loud. The barker reads the letter, or rather shouts it out!) ) can be heard. If you have time, it's fun to spend 20 minutes or so with your ears and eyes open. If it's just sound, you can hear enough near this window frame!

From March 2023, the area in front of the "Owl Flight" show window will be the location of the USJ "Harry Potter Area" Magical Animals Niffler show, so there may be times when it is difficult to see the "barking mail" â

In the movies, barking mail appears in the second film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

[PROP] Howler, Red letter to Ron Weasley.Harry and his friends are having breakfast in the Great Hall at Hogwarts when they receive owl mail from Ron's mum. Dropped in front of Ron, the owl mail is no ordinary mail.red envelope
itHowler Mail (Howler).It was. This is the scene where Ron gets really pissed off. Also, although in a different form, in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic sent HarryMinistry of Magic's 'Howler'.Also appeared in...

Now, USJ "Harry Potter Area".owl mailThe "howling mailThe barkers in the picture are not always noticed when they are not appearing and not speaking, as it is very difficult to notice them when they do appear.Film props (PROP) on display at Minalima, London: The Barking Mail.

Location of barking mail: under the owl hut, in the glass window of the owl stool.

Hidden Spot] Howler Mail - Owl Flight & Owlery (Harry Potter Area, USJ)

adjoinDervish & Bangs.In the glass window next to the entrance (post box) of theHowler Mail (Howler).Â

Owlery with many benches for resting (USJ 'Harry Potter Area').

At night, there are no reflections of light, so it's easy to see the barking mail... and the night view of Hogsmeade Village is beautiful...

[Video] Hidden Spots Howler Mail (Howler)

【隠れスポット】吼えメール (Howler) USJ ハリーポッター OWL POST ふくろう便 ロンのママ!?Harry Potter【Subtitles in Japanese,English】

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