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USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.Buy a Hogwarts uniform at â

Once I had the Gryffindor robe, the next thing I wanted was a jumper or cardigan, scarf and tie!

But even in September.Wiseacre's Wizarding EquipmentTies are not seen at all in the
Also, there was no information about being able to buy it... I'm sure that it hasn't been in stock for a long time, and it seems to be on the WWW.

Also, mufflers are hard to come by...

I dropped by on a weekday evening and found jumpers & cardigans.

Gryffindor cardigan, Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store, USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.

Wizard Pancake Man likes Gryffindor!
Purchase, of course, in Gryffindor, w

I would like to have both a jumper and a cardigan, but it would be a bit hard to buy both as they are both 10,000 yen pieces of clothing (laughs).

And in terms of design, they're almost identical.
After thinking about it, I ended up with a cardigan that can adjust to the heat.
It can be opened and closed with a button.
When I tried it on, my size L fits me perfectly.
My sense is that size L is for people with a chest circumference of up to ~100 cm.
(I confess that I'm a little tight-fitting (^o^;)).

As you can see from the tag, the cardigans sold at USJ Harriotta are made in Scotland... no, made in the UK! (as of 9 September 2014)

Gryffindor cardigan, Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store, USJ, 'Harry Potter Area'.

Hogwarts also feels authentic because it is a region from King's Cross to Scotland. (The dressing gowns are made in China, so w)

The Scottish manufacturer of the HARRIPOTA cardigans, jumpers and waistcoats is a film costume manufacturer. We have not checked with USJ, but we are sure that it is the same manufacturer (≥▽≦)! You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're wearing the same thing as Harry and his friends!

Product name: Gryffindor dormitory cardigan for adults.

Gryffindor cardigan from USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Where to buy: Wise Acres Magical Supplies Store (Hogsmeade Village).

Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment (WISEACRE'S WIZARDING EQUIPMENT).

(USJ, 'Harry Potter Area')
Price: ¥ 10,800 *price in 2014
Country of origin: Made in Scotland.
Material: 100% natural lambswool.
Size: l unisex (XS, S, M, L).

*XL and XXL are also available at Universal Studios Orlando; unconfirmed at USJ.
It may be a bit hot to wear in autumn, but you will definitely feel hot when you wear it!
If you work hard, you can wear it for everyday wear!
Both jumpers and cardigans share the same design, with dormitory colours around the waist and wrists.
Gryffindor is the red line.
Slytherins are green, Hupplepuffs are yellow and Ravenclaws are blue - the usual colours.
Uniform-related costs of preparing the Wizard Pancake Man for school to date.
Robe ¥13,500 + Cardigan ¥10,800 = ¥24,300 *Price in 2014
The WWW has been buying clothes related to Harriotta, even though they haven't bought any clothes recently.
All Potterians are encouraged to buy one and wear it together...
PS. we want to put on our dressing gowns and do a project together to Hogsmeade & Hogwarts.
No, I'm sure I will. So let's all buy dressing gowns! (I'm tempted.)
If you want to wander around in a robe, please tweet us below.

Also purchased incidentally is here.

Product name: Pin badge HEAD BOY

Gryffindor head pin badge HEAD BOY Gryffindor cardigan Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Where to buy: Wise Acres Magical Supplies Store (Hogsmeade Village).

(USJ, 'Harry Potter Area')
Price: ¥900.
Country of origin: Made in China
Material: steel?
Gryffindor head pin badge HEAD BOY Gryffindor cardigan Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Hmmm... (laughs) I plan to wear it on my robe or cardigan (^O^)/.

Later, I was walking around USJ with it attached to my robe and 30 minutes later it was gone... tears.

Incidentally, there are also 'HEAD GIRL' and 'PREFECT (supervisory student)', and the livery is naturally available in the colours of the four dormitories.â

Now, are you supervisory? Chief executive? Or will you go for naughty George & Fred?


Cardigan purchase at the 9 3/4 line shop at King's Cross Station... Comparison report with cardigans in the USJ Harry Potter area.

August 2020 Hogwarts uniform waistcoats are now available!

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