Get your Gryffindor dressing gowns ♪ Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store (USJ "Harry Potter Area")

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I bought it! I finally bought it. Got my Gryffindor robe in the Harry Potter Area!

Gryffindor dressing gowns and ties ♪ Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store (USJ "Harry Potter Area")

*Photographs 29 July 2014, robes in shop.

Loaves were normally in stock in July, but from August they were noticeably sold out.
When I went on the evening of Saturday 9 August, it was sold out.
When I went there after 11am on Saturday 23 August, it was sold out and I couldn't buy it.

If this is the case, I should have bought it in July, regret regret regret regret regret (/_;).

After consulting with my colleagues, I decided to go and buy a robe first thing in the morning on Sunday 24 August (laughs).
No way, no how, I went to USJ two days in a row.
→directional marker or indicatorClick here for entry time status and records for USJ and Harriotta areas.
Just after 8am on Sunday morning.Wiseacre's Wizarding EquipmentIt is empty (laughs) when you enter the
That's because they are all Journeys (forbidden journeys),Honeydukes.I'm going to line up to w

The above is old information, as of 2015-2020 the dressing gowns will not be sold out (see below).

And when you look at the Gryffindor uniform section, there it is! There are! There's lots of dressing gowns!

There is an engine-coloured robe!

Available in sizes XS, S, M and L.

For my body shape, I could have worn a medium, but considering the silhouette when worn, a large was the best size. When I told the shop assistant, she gave me an unopened robe in a bag instead of one hanging on a hanger. Really, the plan was to buy it, wear the dressing gown on the spot and go for a walk around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Was I? Because I was the only one in the house, so I took it home unopened. The reason was that the people I was supposed to be with were ill and couldn't come. I didn't have the courage to walk around in a robe by myself.

In the beginning she was this shy. That changed in less than two months. w

So we will hold the opening ceremony at home (^^)/.

Product name: HP ROBE GRYFFINDORL (Gryffindor dormitory dressing gown)

Where to buy: Wise Acres Magical Supplies Store (Hogsmeade Village).(USJ, 'Harry Potter Area')
Price: ¥.13,500JPY 14,000 → JPY 14,000 (as of July 2015)
Country of origin: Made in China
*Robes sold at pre-opening were priced at ¥11,000 (made in USA).
The length of the robe appears to be different, with the length of the dressing gown in the current specification being shorter.
Material: 100% polyester.
Size: L (unisex).

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Opening the dressing gown from the bag â

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Extended robe w

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The Gryffindor coat of arms is embroidered.Â

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

*Cosplay products (unofficial) and other printed items are available.

Only one button on front of robe.

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

It cannot be fastened from top to bottom like a normal long coat. Naturally, when you walk, it flutters on the www.

The sleeve section is narrow at the shoulder and wide at the cuff. w

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

What a hood! It was a great tongari hat (laughs).

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store) UUSJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

No, this is a tonger shape than expected and www.

Inside: unlined back in red!

Lining of Gryffindor's robes (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

The front, sleeves, shoulders and hood are lined in red. The entire back, down to the bottom, is unlined, which may be surprisingly hot!

With pocket to accommodate a wizard's wand!

Gryffindor's Robe Wand Pocket (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store) USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Near the left chest, the only inside pocket is a wand compartment pocket. I put my Harry Potter wand in it. w

Close-up photo of the tag section.

Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store) USJ Harriotta Wizard Pancake Man.

The dressing gown has the same product specifications for the other dormitories Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. They only differ in the symbolic colours of the dormitory and the design of the emblem.

Impressions of wearing the robe.

A Wizard Pancake Man who is just over 170 cm and wears a size L robe is approximately 15 cm from the bottom of his feet to the bottom of the robe.
The shoulder width is about standard for men (L or XL for ready-to-wear shirts) and the fit is snug.
Based on my height in reverse, the L size robe is supposed to be for people over 165 cm.
If you're younger than that, there's a chance of dragging the hem of your dressing gown...
The weight is quite light due to the polyester & unlined back.
When I wear it, the pattern is well thought out, and even I, with my broad shoulders, have a well-defined silhouette.
It is maintained and comfortable to wear.
(What I mean is that the shoulders and hood do not give a sloppy, misshapen silhouette.)
Oh, I can't wait to wear it at USJ and walk around!
I want to feel like a Gryffindor student!
But for a while, we won't have a chance to...


Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

For the time being, I decorated the room like this (laughs).
Gryffindor dressing gowns (Wiseacre Magical Supplies Store), USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

tieThe tie was inspired by the design of the first and second films, and the shirt was also substituted with a suitable shirt that I own.

Now I want to buy you a tie! No, you want a jumper too! Gryffindor and Slytherin dressing gowns are often sold out, so if you want a robe, go first thing in the morning! They are not due back in stock any time soon. (According to the witches at Wiseacre Magical Supplies.) So it's up to luck whether they'll be in stock the morning after they sell out.

In 2014 there were only a few dressing gowns in stock and they were sold out; from 2015 onwards they will not be sold out.
Incidentally, children's robes for small children are,dervish and bangsIt's in the â

Can the dressing gown be washed? The wash marks indicate x no, but...

Official USJ Harry Potter robe retailer.

In the Harry Potter Area.

Wise Acres Magical Western Goods Store,,dervish and bangs,,Gladrags Wizardwear

Outside the Harry Potter Area.

Beverly Hills GiftsCalifornia Confectionery.,,Universal Studios Store(Harry Potter section disappears).

Outside USJ parks

Universal Studios Store (Universal CityWalk shop)

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