Wizarding World Introduction - Experiencing the 'Harry Potter Area' for the first time.

21 July 2014 Public holiday Monday at 7:30 am
I was in front of the gate before USJ opened in Osaka.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, which just had its grand opening on 15 July.to experience.

In your mind, you will enrol at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
With a fluttering heart (laughs).

Unfortunately, no enrolment information was received by owl mail from Headmaster Dumbledore.
But! The Express Pass arrived by post from the USJ web ticket store.
USJ Universal Studios Store at the opening of the Harry Potter area (in the park), 2014.

The WWW was lightly overflowing with more than 1,000 people in front of the gate.
*The number of people is a visual intuition w
The park is supposed to open at 8.15am, but they've moved it up and opened at about 8am.

Our Express Pass 5 (guaranteed entry to the Harriotta area)

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' Express Pass with guaranteed admission to the area when it opens, 2014

Entry time 12:10 -.
The reason why we came to USJ early in the morning is because we wanted to be there as soon as the doors opened.Haripota Area ('Harry Potter Area')I'm hoping that I'll be able to get into the In the hope that you'll be able to get in to the W.
The idea is that if you get a numbered ticket in the morning, you can enjoy that longer.
However, as soon as the doors open, a large number of people rush out in the direction of the Harriotta area.
The sight of them convinced me that I could not expect any faint ideas (^_^;).
The following is omitted because it's not Harriotta. >>>>

12:10 We came to the Wizarding World Area entrance to enrol at Hogwarts.

At the entrance to the Haripota area, there is a guard (crew) who will let you through to Hogsmeade Village, show your Express Pass and you will be allowed to pass.

Walk along a path with a 'Forbidden Forest' atmosphere for a while,
I think I forgot to book the magic carriage, drawn by the thestrals, w
(Note: there are no such rides at USJ).

There was a flying Ford Anglia, modified by Ron's dad, on the right hand side. w

USJ 'Harry Potter Area' pathway Ford Anglia When it opened Universal Studios Japan

A gate marking the entrance to Hogsmeade village appeared shortly after walking through Anglia.
USJ 'Harry Potter Area' at the opening of Hogsmeade Village Gate, Universal Studios Japan, 2014.

Now it's time for the Wizarding World Blog to start reporting on the wizarding world of Harriotta...

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