[Old story] 60-minute wait to get in at Three Broomsticks! How to get in without queuing up! Hogsmeade Village, USJ, Harriotta.

If you visit Hogsmeade Village and get hungry, you will want to eat at the Three Broomsticks.

For example, if you are visiting on a date with a fellow potter or your favourite partner, even more so.

The Three Broomsticks Shop sign (Harriotta USJ) Wizard, Pancake Man.
However, the Three Broomsticks is so popular on weekends that it is very busy - a 30-60 minute wait is common.

Waiting in line is a bit tough on a body tired of playing.


Catch the Three Broomsticks crew (wizards and witches) and cast the following spell (laughs).

'Terras aitemasca♪'

If this spell is successful and effective, it will quickly guide you through the process.
The reason is that terrace seating is not popular on hot or cold days and is often empty.
If a terrace seat is available, a cast member should be able to show you to it immediately.
Of the terrace seats, the one with a view of the Black Lake is a highly recommended special seat.
Because ↓
Hogwarts Castle from the Three Broomsticks terrace (USJ Harriotta) Wizard Pancake Man.
Unlimited views of Hogwarts Castle!
You can swoon over the view during the day or at night!
*Please note that many tables are invisible.
As you can already see, the spell I just mentioned was,

'Is the outdoor terrace available?' I mean w

The Three Broomsticks can be busy, with queues of 30 to 60 minutes.
(as of 21 July 2014).

This information is out of date. The guidance method is different now and this method is not available (>_<).

Hogwarts Castle (USJ)
And most of the terrace seats have a great view of Hogwarts Castle over the lake.

Three Broomsticks Shop information

Restaurant information: Three Broomsticks (Three Broomsticks), Wizarding World Restaurant (USJ Harry Potter Area, Hogsmeade Village) (Osaka)

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