2021 Dawn of a new adventure (Hogwarts Express).

Happy New Year 2021... enjoy the wizarding world of Harriotta with good health!

Happy New Year 2021!

I am the Wizard Pancake Man (≥▽≦).

The year 2020 has flown by in a blink of an eye, 'like an arrow under the light'. It was a terrible year due to the negative effects of the coronavirus. The situation is still very bad...

2021 Dawn of a new adventure (Hogwarts Express).

Photo.Harry Potter Studio Tour London's Kings Cross Station area.

The last few years I always spent New Year's Eve in the wizarding world (USJ "Harry Potter Area"), but that didn't happen this year... I hope I can spend 2021-2020 in the countdown...

To all those who are having a hard time in Corona

For all those working in healthcare, care and infrastructure facilities.
To all those who endure in Corona
Thank you very much indeed.It must be difficult for you not being able to play, go out and see your family and friends. We hope that your health is your top priority, even though it continues to be a difficult environment. We hope that the restrictions will be removed as soon as possible.

If it is difficult to go out, we hope that you can have some fun with the enjoyment of eating, buying goods and watching on behalf of your acquaintances through online shopping or by... watching a fun movie. Eat delicious pancakes. Shopping for the goods you've always wanted will refresh your spirits. Although it costs a little money.

Fun Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts events planned for 2021 and beyond.The following is a list of the most important issues. The world is not yet free to play freely, but let's enjoy it as much as we can!

So, a little story for the first one of the New Year (laughs).

If you made a TV programme column with Harry Potter stories!

Fictitious TV programme section (魔法界ドットコム-like)

The story changes, but I made a "TV programme column" by arranging the stories I saw on Twitter with Harripotta stories. If so, please let me know by tweeting me (≧▽≦).

So let's take good care of each other's health and enjoy the wizarding world in 2021!

1 January 2021 Wizard Pancake Man.

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2021 Dawn of a new adventure (Hogwarts Express).
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