Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

[After changes] The Three Broomsticks roast beef is cheaper but the meat has changed USJ 'Harry Potter Area' April 2021.

Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man.
Today's report is a bit of a disappointment for me.

I would decline first, though,My opinion of the food is subjective to me, the Pancake Man.It is. Please read this article with the understanding that some people may find it tastier this time.

'three broomsThe loin beef in 'The Loin Beef' was a disappointment!

andOne day in April 2021, I was in the middle of my very favourite 'Theroast beefI visited Sanbon no Broomstick for the first time in a long time to eat 'roast beef'. The roast beef is superb and I like it every now and then (laughs), by the way, how much I like the roast beef at the Three Broomsticks.No. 1 on the food menuIt was.

Uncomfortable! Received at the Three Broomsticks counter for bright looking roast beef.

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

that (something mentioned before which is distant psychologically or in terms of time)Re? What's with the roast beef?Very thick and clumpy.and become like red meat.Vibrant shadesI felt uncomfortable, but was elated to be able to eat my favourite roast beef and took a seat on the terrace of the Three Broomsticks. And when I inserted the knife into the roast beef to eat it and tried to cut itIt's hard and doesn't cut at all (laughs).Yeah? - Yeah. Three Broomsticks roast beef is super tender and should be able to be cut easily with a plastic knife without any response... Yes. We recognised that the hard meat was different. If it looks and feels different, the meat quality must definitely be different.

Impressions of roast beef after the change.

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic)The roast beef I ate twice was.Deterioration of flesh quality?Lots of striations, hardened? Feeling. Also, the meat has become thicker andIncreased volume.It feels like. When you eat it, it is quite crunchy to chew through, and if I had to describe it by sound, I would say that it is'Zakri zakri' hardness felt in the teeth.(Laughter) What? The meat is not the roast beef meat I was expecting, www. The meat was tender before the change,Elegant texture that melts in a mellow, melt-in-your-mouth way.And the meat was juicy.Delicious taste of the meat itself.I remember that it was. Compared to that, it was a lot... (;^_^A

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

Did it feel different because it was thicker? I thought so, so I cut it into thin slices and ate it, but... what? It's not the same.
Even when I cut the meat into thin slices, it had a zesty texture ... (laughs) I felt like even the gravy changed because of the different flavours of the meat. w

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

It's not bad by any means, but this meat is not my favourite.Not interested in repeatingIs. Next time, it means not eating.Taste score of 3.5It is. I thought, well, this means that the meat has been changed and that's why the price is lower... But it's just my opinion, so I checked with the shop witch at the Three Broomsticks to make sure, and it turns out that the meat has also been changed (´;omega;`).

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

threeThe Book Broom is my favourite shop and I was honest with the shop witch about my impressions.I liked the previous roast beef, even if it was more expensive.I also prayed that the roast beef would one day return to the previous roast beef. Another USJ wizard came later and politely asked me what I thought and what I wanted. Maybe it was just a coincidence that he came.It's like USJ!It was the response I thought it would be... ♪

Eaten: roast beef (BEEF SUNDAY ROAST), version from November 2020 onwards.

Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant

Price: 2900 yen (from 9 November 2020).
Sales outlets >>Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade Village (USJ 'Harry Potter Area')
Taste: ★★★3.5
(as of April 2021).

Menu change dates and changes: from 9 November 2020 (including forecast)

  • It is likely that the menu content also changed when prices changed in November 2020.
  • Price reduced Before change ¥ 3,490 → After change ¥ 2,900
  • Menu changes: meat changed, no changes to accompaniments, etc.

Reasons why roast beef was rated lower this time

2nd in a sequence denoted by the iroha systemThe reason why the pancake man's opinion of the roast beef has dropped is because the meat has been changed to a different meat quality and texture than I prefer ... shocking. In fact, the price of roast beef changed in November 2020 to a lower price. I knew that it had become cheaper, but I did not know that they had even changed the dishes. The first time I ate there after the change was this time, in April 2021. The last time was in August 2020, so it was before the change.

See previous roast beef reports here.

The Three Broomsticks is a wizarding world feast of roast beef! (USJ "Harry Potter Area")

Top 3 food menus of the Three Broomsticks before this meal

  1. roast beef Taste: ★★★★4.4
  2. Beef stew (stewed in black beer)Taste: ★★★★4.4
  3. Roast beef salad Taste: ★★★★4.1

Tastes and textures are difficult to convey or rate on an absolute scale, as individual tastes vary. Therefore, the impressions I write here are my own personal preferences. I'd like to warn you that these are my subjective impressions.

Conclusion: the roast beef we had was rated ★★★★3.5 by the Polish authorities.

The taste scores are described for reference as follows: 0 - 5 points on a scale of 0 to 5.
4.5 or more Very tasty (I would like to repeat it occasionally. I would fly to eat there)
4.2 Very tasty (I would eat it again, even if I had to travel an hour to do so)
4.0 Quite tasty (would I still want to eat it if I had to travel 30 minutes by train)
3.8 Usually tasty (would I like to eat it if I were closer?)
3.5 Usually tastes good (I don't think I'll repeat)

My scoring criteria. This is also the same for this 魔法界ドットコム,Pancake Man's Pancake Blog.The scoring criteria used in the

Top three current Three Broomsticks meal menus

  1. Beef stew (stewed in black beer)Taste: ★★★★4.4
  2. Roast beef salad Taste: ★★★★4.1
  3. fish and chips Taste: ★★★★4.0

As of April 2021, from my ranking.roast beeffell and,fish and chipsis in third place... ♪ 2nd placeRoast beef saladhas also not been eaten since November, so perhaps if the meat had been changed, it might be rated differently from the score of 4.1 above.

If you have had roast beef in the past and now and have any thoughts on what you liked or disliked, we would love to hear from you! Your opinion is.Twitter@mahoukaicomPlease DM or rip into the Tweet of this repo at

The Three Broomsticks , USJ, Harry Potter Area.

Three Broomsticks Shop information (USJ, Harry Potter Area).

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Changed Roast Beef The Three Broomsticks USJ Harry Potter Area Restaurant
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