Gryffindor Cardigan, embroidered.

Cardigan purchase at King's Cross Station, 9 3/4th Line shop ♪ Comparison report with cardigans in the USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Hello! I'm the Wizard Pancake Man Dumbledore. ♪

King's Cross Station merchandise shop, 'Platform 9 3/4 Shop (934shop)'.I bought a Gryffindor cardigan at â

THE Harry Potter SHOP AT PLATFORM 9 3/4On the third day of the Harry Potter Studio Tour, I wore the Gryffindor uniform of cardigan and robe and enjoyed myself as a Hogwarts student.

Product: Gryffindor Cardigan.

Product: Gryffindor Cardigan.

Distributors:Platform 9, Shops 3/4 (Kings Cross Station).
Price: 65£.
Size: 5 types XS, S, M, L, XL.
Size purchased: XL
Country of origin: Scotland
Material: lamb's wool.

USJ-made cardigans and UK-made cardigans are identical in design and colour

Cardigan front Left: Platform 9 3/4 shop Right: USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Product: Gryffindor Cardigan, Platform 9 3/4 Shop.Gryffindor cardigan from USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.
Report on cardigans purchased at USJThe clothes were produced by the makers of the cardigans used in the film, as explained at the time of the film. Yes it's real (laughs) This is the product of a real apparel manufacturer, Universal Studios, Warner Bros Studios, Platform 9 3/4 Shop all in the same Scotland.

Back of cardigan Left: Platform 9 3/4 Shop Right: USJ 'Harry Potter Area'

Gryffindor cardigan from USJ 'Harry Potter Area'.

Country of origin: Made in Scotland Fabric: lamb's wool

Gryffindor Cardigan Country of origin: made in Scotland Fabric: lambswoolFew official Harry Potter goods are of the same quality as the costumes worn by the actors in the films. However, the "waistcoat", "jumper" and "cardigan" that appear as Harry Potter's Hogwarts uniform are authentic. The proof is the indication on the tag that they are made in Scotland and the material lamb's wool. Manufacturer of this lambswool.Lochaven.Regarding.Muffler report.Go to â

Large range of sizes, a little big in size?

In Japan, there are only up to four types, but in the UK there are five or six. If you're a Scottish manufacturer, there are actually seven different sizes available. The USJ Harry Potter Area cardigan in size L fits perfectly when worn by Pancake Man (laughs). I think the USJ "Harry Potter Area" sizes may have been reduced by one size for Japan. I want to wear cardigans loosely (Harry and Fred and the others in the film also wear them loose and dubby), so I bought a large XL size.

Price WB Slightly higher than studio £65

The Studio Shop at WB Studios has a slightly cheaper price of £59.95 for the cardigan. Why did I buy it from the 9 3/4 shop at Kings Cross Station when the Studio Shop at Harry Potter Studios is cheaper?

Embroidered with Gryffindor â

Gryffindor Cardigan, embroidered.
Platform 9 3/4 The reason was because the cardigan in the Platform 9 3/4 shop has 'Gryffindor' embroidered on it here! (≥▽≦) Yay, it's not in USJ or WB Studios (laughs) Isn't it a bit stylish!
The cardigan's comfort, material and design are the same as in USJ, so I won't explain them (lazy) If you want to know, please go to past reports. w

USJ 'Harry Potter area' cardigan report.

Now the Wizard Pancake Man's.sound of a pair of jeans slapping against each otherThe uniformed figures of the spaciouselegantcasual dress!(**) that they were able to change to this decision.robeand cardigan to play on the third day of the Harry Potter Studio Tour... and the reason why is a separate report.Day 3 of the meal report.(Laughter).

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Gryffindor Cardigan, embroidered.
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