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Hello! I am the Wizard Pancake Man (*´▽*).

I love Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts!

I know that now! I wrote something that was likely to be met with a general "I know now!

I love it, but I have yet to visit the UK, the sacred land of Harry Potter. In other words, I have not visited the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour or the locations on the outskirts of London (;^_^A).

Pancake Man Dumbledore.
So I'm going to London for a bit! (I'm going to London for a bit!)

Project 'Go to London Back to Hogwarts' launched! (≥▽≦)

I travel almost alone. w What? Do I speak English? Of course I don't... speak English fluently! Definitely not!

I can at least communicate words in one language. To be honest, I have some anxiety, but I am only worried about the World Wide Web (laughs).
Nevertheless, I decided to come to the UK because there were people who pushed me and supported me in English, and because there was an event I really wanted to go to!

Event you want to go to most:Warner Bros' Harry Potter Studio Tour 'Making of Harry Potter'.(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusion'DINNER IN THE GREAT HALL'.Christmas Dinner in Hogwarts Great Hall!!!This only takes place for three days in December. In other words, if you want to experience it, you have to go in December! (Laughter) If you miss it this year, 2019, you have to wait until December 2020, one year later. That is why we decided to go this year, 2019! (Translated by.)

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour is the main part of the planned trip to the UK.

At the moment we are considering the following schedule.

Dec 2019.

Sat 7: Arrival at London Heathrow Airport A short wander around London â
8 (Sun):WB Harry Potter Studio Tour morning - evening
9 (Mon):WB Harry Potter Studios Christmas Dinner Evening - Midnight
10 (Tue):WB Harry Potter Studio Tour morning - evening
Wednesday 11: London City.Kings Cross Station Platform 9, 3/4 shops. Other locations and shops.
Thursday 12: London City.Minorima Noble Collection, London.,,House of Spells.,,Hamleys.Other locations and shops.

Fri 13: Departure from London Heathrow Airport Goodbye London!

If you are going to London or Warner Bros. studio tour (Making of Harry Potter) on the same dates, please feel free to contact me. I'm sure I'll be happy to shed a tear or two, because I'm sure I'll be lonely in a foreign country (laughs), but on the other hand, I might be having so much fun I won't have time to be lonely.

Harry Potter locations & shops to visit in the UK, Harriotta spots.

Firstly, Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts-related spots across the UK were plotted on Google Maps!Warner Bros' Leavesden Studios.,,film location,,Goods ShopThese include. This stay is planned for five days, so I won't be able to visit everything. Moreover, everything is new to me, so I will not overdo it and will focus on London and play around with the decisions I make.

Destinations to visit include many HARRIPOTA & FANTASVI filming locations and shops. There are also a lot of sweets & food to eat and places for non-Harry Potter hobbies. There are also many places to eat and drink, and places for other interests such as football, fashion, British Pullman, etc. Moreover, the location of Hogsmeade Station and the location where the Hogwarts Express runs alongside the flying Ron's Dad's car are very, very far away, so I gave up on them this time. Zoom in on the map above and you'll see that the station is in the top left corner of England (;^_^A the station is in the middle right corner (laughs).

Book airline tickets and studio tour tickets through H.I.S.

As it was my first time abroad, I booked a direct flight to London with H.I.S. (H.I.S.). I also booked my studio tour tickets through H.I.S. I felt safe in the knowledge that if anything went wrong, I would be able to get help in Japanese. Of course, I also took out travel insurance (for injuries and travel expenses)!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London with return train tickets

-With location tour - Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Harry Potter Studio Tour (Warner Bros Studio Tour London).

British Airways Japan to London flights (direct)

Booking hotels in London

Laycock, famous for being the location for the Harry Potter films; Castle Coombe, one of the most popular villages in the South Cotswolds.

Book your Christmas dinner on the Warner Bros. WEB site.

Tickets for the Christmas dinner are available atWarner Bros (London) official websiteIt is only available at. So I bought mine from the Warner Bros. studio tour website. If you have a credit card, it was relatively easy to apply, even if you are not good at English. However, you will receive an email later. You will need to reply in English with additional information about your application to join the dinner. This may be a bit of a hurdle.

We will add to the report as and when we have something to add, and after our visit in December, we will report at 魔法界ドットコム.Scheduled for introduction.We are doing our best to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

Christmas Dinner Harry Potter Studio Tour London Report

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See "Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - Making of Harry Potter [partial information on exhibition content released] Official website relaunched|Additional exhibition content announced on 15 March" for additional announced exhibition content and restaurant information.

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Halloween Halliburton costume (Halliburton area) USJ Dumbledore's Headmaster's office.
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