20 May 2015 New announcement in USJ HALLIPOTA area!

The "first" of two years of new magical experiences in the wizarding world.
."Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.Announced the 3D version of the

(Hereafter, Harriotta Journey)

Unfortunately, the Wizard Pancake Man was unable to attend the event.
And I haven't been able to experience it yet. w

Since its opening in July 2014, it has been an amazing attraction that, although the images were 2D, the realistic backgrounds, characters and direction made it an almost 3D-like attraction that was quite unique, thrilling and exciting to experience.

When that video section is converted to 3D, it is already supposed to be terribly even more realistic.
Grand opening of Harriotta Journey 21 May 2015 -.
According to the announcement by USJ and Smap, you have to wear 3D glasses, or 3D goggles, to ride the rides.
The goggles are designed to make you feel a bit like a 'Quidditch player' â
You must go and experience this!

(^^)|//__ "Imperio! (Ride the Harriotta Journey)"
Oops, you just used a forbidden spell.
What is also of interest is the description in the official USJ announcement as "the first of a "two-year magical experience".
I'm sure this will be the second - and I'm sure there will be a second announcement: !!!!

[Older information] Report in detail also experienced the Harriotta Journey...

There are no toilets on the waiting course (queue line). Before queuing.Harry Potter Area, 'Toilets at Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade Village.'Â

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

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